The Children's Progressive Lyceum: A Report On Its Origin, Rise, Proceedings, Conduct, Lessons, Recitations And Songs

Kessinger Publishing, 01/05/2006 - 148 páginas
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After Hearing A Voice Of Wisdom Near The Foot Of A Mountain, The Author Did As The Voice Instructed And Presents This Volume With The Intent Of Assisting Parents And Tutors In The Rearing And Just Education Of Children. The Crowd, Gathered In Dodsworth Hall, Broadway, New York City In 1863, Heard Jackson Speak Vividly Of The Visions And Visits He Had Made Into The World Of Spirit. He Spoke Of Children Being Taught And Being Encouraged To Freely Express Themselves About Their Instruction. Davis Was An Important Influence In The Early Development Of Spiritualism, Particularly In His Association Of Mediumistic Revelations With Religious Principles.

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