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1. at the direction of the Committee, a
droving was held to determine the order of presentation
by the Respondent Senators. As a result of the draving,
the opening statements, examination and cross-examination
of witnesses, and the Senators' presentation of evidence
will be conducted in the following order: Senators
McCain, Glenn, Riegle, Deconcins and Cransion.

2. It is further ordered that all exhibits
identified by Special Counsel and counsel for the
Respondent Senators identified in accordance with the
Committee's Prehearing Order of October 25, 1990, shall
be admitted into evidence at the hearing. Folloving
conpletion of the hearing, Special Counsel and counsel
for the Respondent Senators shall have a further
opportunity to present to the Committee in veiting any
arguments regarding the competency and relevancy of
exhibits or the weight to be given to then.

3. The requests made by Senators Glenn and McCain for a separate hearing as to their conduct are

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denied. The requests. made by counsel for Senators Glenn, McCain and DeConcini for the release of Special Counsel's Confidential Report, or portions thereof, are denied.

6. The hearings will commence at 9:30 a.m. on November 15, 1990 in the Senato Hart Building, Room 216.

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140TH STORY of Level 1 printed in FULL format.

Copyright (c) 1981 The Washington Post

August 6, 1981, Thursday, Final Edition SECTION: First Section; the Federal Report; Executive Notes; A27

LENGTH: 200 words


BYLINE: Cass Peterson


A businessman accused two years ago by the Securities Exchange Commission of defrauding stockholders says President Reagan will nominate his to be ambassador to the Bahamas.

Charles H. Keating Jr., now chairman of American Continental Corp. in Phoenix, told the Cincinnati Enquirer he accepted the ambassadorship from Reagan.' Keating has been a frequent tourist in the Bahamas for 20 years and has a none on the island of Cat Cay in Bahamas.

In July 1979, Keating and two other officers of American Financial Corp. signed a consent agreenent with the sec that said they would repay their corporation $1.4 billion. The three officers did not aduit or deny the allegations by the SEC that they violated antifraud and proxy provisions of federal securities laws and that they arranged unsecured loans from a subsidiary bank to thenselves.

Keating also made headlines in 1970 when he sued the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography to force it to print his dissent from its report. Keating, who In 1955 founded an anti-pornography organization in Cincinnati, called the comoission's report a "Magna čarta for the pornographer.' Keating and the white House yesterday declined all comment.


EX. 512

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March 13, 1988, Sunday, Home Edition
SECTION: Business; Part 4, Page 1; Column 63 Financial Desk
LENGTH: 2867 words


MLINE: Dy TOM FURLONG, Tines Staff Writer


As a young naval pilot, Charles H. Kating Jr. was in an especially fine nood one evening as he prepared to land his Hellcat fighter plane at an airfield in south Florida.

Eagerly anticipating a date with an attractive woman, Keating had deliberately stayed close to the field as he flew the night training maneuvers. He had quietly arranged to be the first in his squadron to land so he could get off duty as fast as possible.

with a trumpet solo by Harry James blaring frou nis radio, Kating steered the fighter plane into what he thought would be a routine landing. There was just one prowlea: He had forgotten to put the wheels down.

'The (control) tower was telling we: 'Your wheels are up,' but all I could hear was old Marry," Keating recalled recently in an interview at his office here.

Though the ensuing belly-flop landing destroyed the Hellcat, Keating survived by Jumping from the craft while it was still skidding down the landing strip. Rescue workers found the young wlator sitting on his parachute at the edge of the runway, his expensive plane in flanes nearby.

Now nearly as and a rich businessman, Kating stiu conducts himself with the sane single-sindedness that nearly claimed his life on that allitary airstrip in vero laach toward the end of World War II. Just as he lived through that crash, Keating has survived many scrapes in the business world without wajer danage at least so far.

As the decades have clapsed, Keating has often been at the center of one tempest or mother, but they have never slowed nie down. In the past 10 years, he has emerged as i businessuan without apparent peer in Arizona in terus of riches, clout and color.

*Charlie is inpatient, aggressive, always on the move,' said willian J. Keating, who cited the plane crash story to illustrate nis brother's rodus operandi. "He has clarly defined goals.'

Financier, political fund-raiser and real estate developer Charles
Keating is chairman and controlling shareholder of American Continental, a

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