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of 29 lawsuits involving Lincoln Savings and Loan Association, 16
have settled and 13 are still pending. See attached Exhibit "A"
of pending 11tigation and Exhibit "B" of cases settled in 1985.


of the two complaints involving American Continental Corporation,
one was settled on October 30, 1985 (Continental Ranch Cardi
Construction). The other, a personal injury claim involving
injuries sustained by a cable television installer, is set for
trial March 24, 1986. Plaintiff's counsel has agreed in writing
to dismiss ACC.

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There were 22 non-soils litigation cases in 1985, of which 10 have
been settled. See attached Exhibit "C."

Expansive Soils Problems:

There are 22 soils litigation cases currently pending and 4
threatened soils litigation cases. 18 cases have been settled
in 1985. See attached Exhibit "D" prepared by Jeff Cooper.

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1. To remain current on legislative and regulatory developments and to assure protection of our specific interests in these areas, significant contacts have been continued within the following:

House Banking Committee
Senate Banking Committee


National Association of State Savings & Loan Supervisors
National Council of Savings Institutions

1. Committee on Government Relations

2. Committee on Legislative and Regulatory Affairs U.S. League of Savings Institutions

1. Committee on Government Affairs

2. Committee on Regulation and Legislation
California League of Savings Institutions

Attorneys Committee

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Elected to the Board of Directors of the National Council of
Savings Institutions
Elected to the Board of Directors of the National Association
of State Savings and Loan Supervisors
Becade active in (1) American Bankers Association; (2) the
National Association of Thrift Holding Companies; (3) the
Arizona League of Savings Institutions; and (4) The American
Bar Association's Committee on Financial Institutions
Lobbying efforts have created relationships with, and
endorsements by, the National Council of State Legislators
and the National Conference of Governors.


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3. Activity Relacing. Specifically to the Federal Home Loan Bank Board's Direct Investment Regulation lacludes:

Working with Congressman Annunzio's staff resulting la the
introduction by Congressman Annunzio of H. Con. Res. 34
January 21, 1985 (the anti-direct investment regulation

b. Active lobbying of state savings and loan leagues and

commissioners opposed to the direct Investment regulation.
(See Exhibit "E")
Working with Congressman Pashayan in soliciting co-sponsors
for H. Con. Res. 34 resulting in obtaining a majority of
Congress and a majority of the House Banking Committee as

co-sponsors (See Exhibit "F")
d. Coordination of lobbying efforts with the National

Association of State Savings and Loan Supervisors, National
Council of Savings Institutions, National Counsel of State
Legislators, National Conference of Governors, Ray Gustini,
Esq., William R. White, Esq., Jay Smith, and former
Congressmen Jerry Patterson, Ludd Ashley, Dave Evans, and
Kent Hance.
Coordination with Paul, Weiss and Congressman Pashayan of
Congressional letter to the Federal Home Loan Bank Board
contesting the legality of the direct investment regulation.
Letter cosigned by Ben Erdreich (D-Ala.), Charles Pashayan,
Jr. (R-Calif.), Thomas Kindness (R-Ohio), Rod Chandler
(R-Wash.), Eldon Rudd (R-Ariz.), Charles Stenholm (D-Tex.),
Tom Luken (D-Ohio), Parren Mitchell (D-Md.), Dennis Eckart
(D-Ohio), and John McCaio (R-Ariz.) See Exhibit "G".


Preparation for hearings of the House Committee on Government
Operation's Subcommittee on Commerce, Consumer and Monetary
Affairs (Barnard)

1) Arranging for invitations to Alan Greenspan, George

Beaston and Charles Keating to testify before the

11) Preparation of testimony
111) Preparation of questions for subcommittee members for

Chairman Gray and other witnesses
1x) Preparation of questions for Congressman Pashayan

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Preparation for hearings of the House Banking Committee (St.
Germain) regarding deposit Insurance reform:

1) arranged for George Benston to be invited as a witness
11) worked with Benston in preparing his testimoney

regarding his study of savings and loan failures and his
conclusion that direct investments do not cause


Arranging for invitation to Alan Greenspan from the National
Association of State Savings and Loan Supervisors to speak at
the National Associacion's Governmental Affairs Convention in
Washington, D.C.

Drafting and distributing the National Associaton of State
Savings and Loan Supervisors' letter to all Congressmen and
all House Banking Committee staff members requesting their
attendance at the Greenspan presentation.
Lobbying Congressman Dingell's staff regarding hearings of the
House Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigation
Subcommittee's regarding the Beverly Hills Savings and Loan



Coordinating KEKST & Co.'s activities including George
Benston's op-ed piece for The Wallstreet Journal and the
National Council's "award winning" advertisements opposing


Specific meetings for CHK and lobbying including: (1) house
banking committee members and staff; (2) senate banking
committee members and staff; (3) Senators Thurman, Mattingly,
Cranston, Glenn, Armstrong, Laxalt, Hecht, D'Amato,
Deconcini, Dole, Gar, Hawkins, Proxmire and Wilson; (4)
Congressmen Barnard, Pashayan, McCain, Kolbe, Dingell,
Hubbard, Luken, Annunzio, Archer, Badham, Bartlett, Brooks,
Bustamante, Coelho, DeLay, Dornan, Downey, Dreier, Eckart,
Fauntroy, Gephardt, Gradison, Hall, Kindness, Kramer, Lehman,
Lowery, Manton, McCollum, Neal, Oakar, Pepper, Roukena, Rudd,
Shur ay, Stump, Udall, Waxman, Wirth, Wright, Wyden and

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1) Direct investment regulation
11) HR-20 ("improper incident" legislation designed to

permit the FHLBB to proscribe any investment activity it
considers an improper incident to the business of a

savings and loan)
111) Deposit reform legislative proposals
1v) FHLBB leadership and general policy.
Beaston activities:

1) Testimony to Barnard Committee
11) Testimony to St. Germain Committee
111) Op-ed articles
iv) New York University Monograph
v) Failure study
vi) Comment letters

Personnel Matters

Handling of various personnel matters - - ACC/Phoenix ACC/Denver and Lincola, including EEOC reporting requirements and affirmative action requirements, maternity leave issues, discharge issues, alleged discriaination matters and terminations including: Westhaver, Perales, Mulhera, Helton, Pace, Stanberry, Kopp, Staff, Conroy, Elliott, Dugan, Hutchison, Jones, Wise, Godvin, Lukousky, Lucas, Kerrigan, Monte, Bever, Mando, Keating, Duchen, and Bever.


Other Matters


Immigration Matters - Margaret Wong
Gulf Broadcasting Litigation and settlement
Money laundering research and advice regarding statutory


1) Negociation of BAC Retrofit Agreement, deposit agreement

and termination clause
11) Common carrier research regarding possibility of

chartering corporate aircraft
111) Helicopter purchase contract.

Successful termination of Lincola pension plan including:


obtained approvals from the Peasion Benefit Guarantee
Obtained approvals from the Internal Revenue Service


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Sale of Provident Travel obtained regulatory approval on an
expedited basis.
Transfer of Denver legal department to Phoenix
Various homeowner complaints including:


1) Hannon's settlement regarding lot reservation

ii) Saratoga Square - threatened homeowner litigation

regarding såle of lots to General Homes
111) Canyon View settlement (Phoenix Expansive Soil Problen)

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Jeff Kniffen - Financial Corporation of America Project
Sale of Scottsdale Ranch property to Richmond American

(assisted with settlement of homeowners dispute)
California Commissioner of Savings and Loan vacancy
California direct investment regulation
Sale of Lincoln insurance entities
Negotiated favorable settlement of Wyoming Use Tax issue
Sale of retail division of American Continental Mortgage
Company - facilitation of Arizona mortgage license transfer
to Continental Homes on an expedited basis.

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