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OB is to take .he lead in drafting the d. jment, in close consultation with D. Dochow. It is not anticipated that the ERC will have a role in negotiating or approving the agreements.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 3:00 p.m. so that D. Dochow could telephone Charles Keating, Jr. and inform him of the Bank Board's decision. D. Dochow also will inform the FHLBank of San Francisco about the decision.

Prior to the conclusion of this meeting, G. Barclay was called by telephone and briefed about the above matters to which

he offered no objection.

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I was previously scheduled to testify before the Select Committee on December 3rd, but have been informed that the Committe. does not currently intend to require my attendance at its hearings. While preparing for my earlier scheduled testimony I came across sone notes concerning ny conversation with Senator Deconcini. These notes were prepared in October or November of 1989, well after the April telephone call, as talking points on account of press inquiries which I had received about the Senator's call.

Other notes prepared during that same time frane vere
provided to the select committee in response to its the subpoena
of records served March 21, 1990. The enclosed notes were
inadvertently left out of the package of documents submitted in
response to that subpoena. They are, however, entirely consis-
tent with ay prior affidavit and the notes previously provided.
I forward these notes to supplenent the prior response to the
subpoena of records, and apologize for any inconvenience which
this inadvertent onission may have caused.

After discovering the enclosed notes, I directed that
an additional survey be made of all pertinent records in my
possession to ensure that no other documents were inadvertently
onitted from the prior subpoena response. Additional docunents
were identified which appear to be responsive to the subpoena.


Mr. Robert Bennett
December 27, 1990
Page 2


The enclosed documents, provided as a supplement to the earlier subpoena response, are as follows: 1. My undated handwritten notes described above.

Undated handwritten nemorandun trou Wayne Sinon, chief Deputy Commissioner of our Department of corporations, to Deputy Secretary Brown. The nemo was prepared in April of 1989.

3. Typed notes dated July 9, 1989. These notes were prepared by my Undersecretary for internal briefing purposes.

Press Release of Senator Deconcini dated October 6, 1989. I learned about and obtained a copy of this release sometime after March, 1990, and was unaware of its existence I provided my affidavit to the Committee's investigators.

Finally, we have also maintained a press clippings regarding the Lincoln and ACC natter, many of which relate to the Select connittee's investigation. It is possible that those clippings fall within the parameters of your subpoena. Because of the volume of those clippings, I wish to contin whether those docunents are required before forvarding those itens to your offices.

I am leaving my current office of lective December 31, 1990. If you need any further information regarding the enclosed materials, feel free to contact Jeff Reid of this Agency at (916) 323-8058.

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