The Business Law Journal, Volume 5

Business Law Journal Company, 1925
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Página 393 - Where a negotiable instrument is materially altered without the assent of all parties liable thereon, it is avoided, except as against a party who has himself made, authorized or assented to the alteration, and subsequent indorsers.
Página 60 - In the absence of express or implied agreement of the parties, acceptance of the goods by the buyer shall not discharge the seller from liability in damages or other legal remedy for breach of any promise or warranty in the contract to sell or the sale. But, if, after acceptance of the goods, the buyer...
Página 393 - Any alteration which changes: 1. The date. 2. The sum payable, either for principal or interest. 3. The time or place of payment. 4. The number and the relations of the parties. 5. The medium or currency in which payment is to be made. Or which adds a place of payment where no place of payment is specified, or any other change or addition which alters the effect of the instrument in any respect, is a material alteration.
Página 224 - If a negotiable receipt is issued for goods, the warehouseman shall have no lien thereon, except for charges for storage of those goods subsequent to the date of the receipt, unless the receipt expressly enumerates other charges for which a lien is claimed. In such case there shall be a lien for the charges enumerated so far as they are within the terms of Section 27, although the amount of the charges so enumerated is not stated in the receipt.
Página 147 - Where there is an available market for the goods in question, the measure of damages is, in the absence of special circumstances, showing proximate damage of a greater amount, the difference between the contract price and the market or current price at the time or times when the goods ought to have been accepted. or, if no time was fixed for acceptance, then at the time of the refusal to accept.
Página 373 - A. Weather interference. 1. When the condition of the weather during the prescribed free time is such as to make it impossible to employ men or teams in loading or unloading, or impossible to place freight in cars, or to move it from cars, without serious injury to the freight, the free time shall be extended until a total of 48 hours free from such weather interference shall have been allowed.
Página 51 - must be reasonable, not arbitrary, and must rest upon some ground of difference having a fair and substantial relation to the object of the legislation, so that all persons similarly circumstanced shall be treated alike.
Página 496 - Review," and that the following is, to the best of his knowledge and belief, a true statement of the ownership, management (and if a dally paper, the circulation), etc., of the aforesaid publication for the date shown in the above caption, required by the Act...
Página 177 - There is no such thing as property in a trade-mark except as a right appurtenant to an established business or trade in connection with which the mark is employed.
Página 347 - ... not less than the current rate of per diem wages in the locality where the work is performed...

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