Excise Tax on Imported Lumber: Hearings, 75th Congress, 1st Session, July 21, 1937

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1937 - 63 páginas
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Página 43 - Imposed by section 4501 (b) shall be levied, assessed, collected, and paid In the same manner as a duty Imposed by the Tariff Act of 1930 (46 Stat. 590; 19 USC, chapter 4) and shall be treated for the purposes of all provisions of law relating to the customs revenue as a duty Imposed by such act, except that...
Página 46 - Such products shall also be exempt from all other duties or charges of any kind imposed on or in connection with importation in excess of those imposed on the date of this Agreement or those directly and mandatorily required to be imposed thereafter by legislation in force in the importing territory on that date.
Página 17 - NOTE : The provisions of this Schedule shall be construed and given the same effect, and the application of collateral provisions of the customs laws of the United States to the provisions of this Schedule shall be determined, in so far as may be practicable, as if each provision of this Schedule appeared respectively in the statutory provision noted in the column at the left of the respective descriptions of articles.
Página 4 - Without objection, the report may be printed in the record. (The report referred to is as follows:) REPORT OF TARIFF COMMITTEE ON SENATOR WALSH'S BILL, S.
Página 46 - ... shall continue in force, subject to any reduction indicated in this schedule or hereafter provided for, until terminated in accordance with law, but shall not be increased.
Página 11 - ... in estimating board measure for the purposes of this paragraph, no deduction shall be made on account of planing, tonguing, and grooving...
Página 46 - The United States duty shall be levied, collected, and paid, in the United States, upon all Philippine sugars, which are entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, for consumption in any calendar year after 1939, in excess of eight hundred and fifty thousand long tons, of which not more than fifty thousand long tons may be refined sugars: Provided, however, That for the period January 1, 1946, through July...
Página 51 - See McGoldrick v. Gulf Oil Corp., supra, 423 et. seq. It is true, as petitioner urges, that in McGoldrick v. Gulf Oil Corp., supra, we held that the provisions of the Tariff Act of 1930 and of the Revenue Act of 1932, and the customs regulations relating to bonded manufacturing warehouses, when applied to crude oil imported into New York and there manufactured into fuel oil in bonded warehouses and withdrawn duty free for sale as ships...
Página 46 - Schedule, be exempt from ordinary customs duties in excess of those set forth and provided therein.
Página 1 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States •f America in Congress assembled, That...

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