The History of the Peloponnesian War

D. Appleton & Company, 1866 - 683 páginas

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Página 402 - ... him. When the strip of writing material was taken from the staff, nothing but single letters appeared, and in this state the strip was sent to the general, who, after having wound it round his staff, was able to read the communication.
Página 402 - When a king or general left Sparta, the ephors gave to him a staff of a definite length and thickness, and retained for themselves another of precisely the same size. When they had any communications to make to him, they cut the material upon which they intended to write into the shape of a narrow...
Página 263 - diecplus' was a breaking through the enemy's line in order by a rapid turning of the vessel to strike the enemy's ship on the side or stern, where it was most defenceless, and so to sink it.
Página 415 - True the spectre is now small; but the shadow he casts before him, is huge enough to darken all this fair land. Others, in sentimental style, talk of the immense debt of gratitude, which we owe to England. And what is the amount of this debt? Why, truly, it is the same that the young...
Página 229 - To this of Goller, Arnold gives his sanction ; and adds, that " the Russian ships, taken in the Tagus in 1808, were kept together in this manner, in consequence of their age and unsound condition.
Página 374 - Perga of (=:belonging to) Pamphylia. " Where the place is designated by mentioning both the country and the town, the former as the whole may be put in the genitive.
Página 435 - ... expedition was contemplated, the Spartans sent round to the confederate states, to desire them to have men and stores in readiness. The highest amount which each state could be called on to supply was fixed once for all, and it was only on each particular occasion to be determined what part of that was required. In like manner the supplies in money and stores were regularly appointed ; so that an army, with all its equipment, could be collected by a simple summons. But agricultural labour, festivals,...
Página 366 - When two or more attributives are joined to a substantive, each of which has a peculiar force, the article is used with each. This is more rare when the attributives follow the substantive.
Página 523 - If the leading verb by itself governs another case than the accusative, either that case or the accusative may accompany it, when the infinitive follows. Cf.
Página 284 - It was brought to England by Lord Elgin, and is now in the British Museum. The...

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