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most remarkable series of memories, full of delicately wrought impressions selected and blended with rare literary skill, and has all the movement of a fascinating and realistic romance.

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Miss Singmaster has lived all her life in Gettysburg, and she has combined her intimate knowledge with her gift for powerful narrative to tell not only of soul-stirring events of the actual fight but also many incidents that grew from it in the fifty years aftermath.

Steiner, Edward A.


Fleming H. Revell Company.


Few books from Prof. Steiner's facile pen have gripped the American heart more than will this true story of his boyhood.

A true story of delightful episodes that move every patriotic American to greater zeal and greater service.

Tarbell, Ida M.


The MacMillan Company.


"He Knew Lincoln" portrays the human traits of Lincoln's character. It shows his humor, illustrated in the famous story of the Socks, his great friendliness, and the sorrow and loneliness which encompassed him in the midst of his enormous activity, because of the terrible responsibility of his position.

Tarbell, Ida M.


The MacMillan Company...


"Father Abraham" depicts Lincoln as the Father of the Union Army, the man who was so interested in the boys in blue that he spent much of his time in associating with them, and knew more of the army than any general. Lincoln's conception of the war and his idea of duty in connection with it are splendidly brought out.

Willsie, Honore


Frederick A. Stokes Company....


"Benefits Forgot." A story of Lincoln and Mother Love. A true story of a young army surgeon, for whose education his mother had made great sacrifices. How President Lincoln learns of the young man's neglect of his mother, and brings him to realize his ingratitude, makes a deeply touching story.

Dixon, Thomas


"A MAN OF THE PEOPLE"-A drama of Abraham Lincoln

D. Appleton & Company..


A forceful picture of harassed, big-hearted and kindly Abraham Lincoln.

Drinkwater, John

"ABRAHAM LINCOLN: A PLAY"-with an introduction by Arnold Bennett

Houghton Mifflin Company. Boards..


"We are shown Lincoln just as we should like to imagine him, and as we believe he was-rugged, indifferent to appearance, tender-hearted, humorous, sensitive to the feelings of others, and sympathetic with every noble passion; but firm in resolve, and immovable from the line which once he has decided upon as just or magnanimous."-Manchester Guardian.

Snider, Dr. Denton J.

"THE LINCOLNIAD”—A National Epos in Four Parts. The William Harvey Miner Company, Inc.

Here the attempt is made to construe the whole Lincoln as the American hero of the new national Epos in four different, yet interrelated books each of which turns upon a pivotal crisis of his life, wherein is specially emphasized his inner evolution amid the clash of outer



The first important round of incidents (in 1832) to which Lincoln himself looked back as formative of his career was the Black Hawk War. Elected Captain, sworn into service by Jefferson Davis, mustered

out by Robert Anderson, he fought the Indian: but the deeper conflict then already brewing was the Civil War, whose forecast was the nullification of South Carolina that same year (1832). Here is seen Lincoln's ideal preparation for his future task. The outer landscape is fully depicted the Mississippi river and the Illinois prairie as well as the frontier people in deed and dialect. Written in free meter and rhyme....



An idyllic poem (in hexametral verse) of Lincoln's one real lovethe second great crisis of his life, and his deepest emotional experience, whose sorrow transfigured his soul and whose memory never left him even during the Presidency. Village life of the frontiersman is portrayed, and the great migration to the Northwest...



This epical theme takes up Lincoln in the Civil War till Gettysburg, revealing his inner development through all the war's casualties, until he becomes the supreme national leader of his time. Also a new poetic mythology rises into view to express his peculiar relation to the Upper powers, or the so-called prime movers of history. Also is shown Lincoln's mighty and long-continued wrestle with his fate, here called the Fatal Line, which is drawn between the two contending armies, and which lies also in the Nation.

Mainly blank verse with prose scenes.



The triumph of Lincoln over his Fate. His fourth grand Epoch is his visit to the Army of the Potomac in its last Campaign, when he crosses the Fatal Line for the first time and enters Richmond, at whose Capitol takes place his last great experience, his so-called Transfiguration, which is the final act of his life, his death occurring a few days later. Written in a variety of verse-forms...

Waller, Mary E.


Little Brown & Company..



A narrative poem, founded on historical fact, The time is March to April, 1865, the place a village in Vermont. The divisions of the work are as follows: 1. The Coming of the Letters. 2. Salus Patriae. 3. Hannah and Agatha. 4. Lincoln. 5. Peace.

Whitman, Walt


Thomas B. Mosher..


Small octavo format (44x7) printed on Van Gelder hand-made paper in Caslon 10-point old-style type with Chiswick ornaments, bound in grey boards with white paper labels. Pp. 1-XII: 1-46 colophon included.

Whitman, Walt


Thomas B. Mosher..


This edition includes the full text of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, a foreword by Horace Traubel, to which are added selections from Frederick W. Lehmann's address, and a short and beautiful appreciation of Lincoln by the editor of the St. Louis Louis Mirror, William Marion Reedy. A selection is also given from John Burroughs as well as the great passage in full from Lowell's Commemoration Ode.

The text of the poem is printed in 14-point old-style Roman, initial letters in green ink, with head-bands and tail-pieces of becoming dignity. The frontispiece from an original photograph of Lincoln cannot be excelled and is the exact size of the original negative.

Three hundred copies, medium octavo, Italian hand-made paper, old-style olive green Fabriano boards, stamped in color to match, slide



Abbott, J. S. C.


Stanton & Van Vliet Company...


A biography of President Lincoln taken from “Abbott's Lives of the Presidents."

Brooks, Elbridge S.


for Boys and Girls

Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Company.


The book does not talk of war or politics, but tells for young Americans the real, true, sympathetic, wonderful story of one of the greatest men that ever lived-Abraham Lincoln the American.

Butterworth, Hezekiah


D. Appleton & Company.


The upstanding nature of the boy, and his surroundings amid the pioneer scenes of his youth form absorbing, reading for the boys and girls of today.

Coffin, C. C.


Harper & Brothers...


The author's brilliant power of revivifying the past, his skill in interweaving anecdote with narrative, his ability to present characters without dull description, are placed at their best use in sketching the life and times of the nation's hero.

Ellias, Edith L.


Frederick A. Stokes Company...


A readable account of the life of Lincoln, told vividly and accurately in a way to interest young readers.

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A delightful biography of the "First Great American" for girls and boys by a man who has for years been writing successfully for young people. Mr. Gordy has for many years been collecting the materials for this book and has put his heart into the writing of it.

Hamilton, Mary A.

"THE STORY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN"-"Children's Heroes" series

E. P. Dutton & Company..


This dainty book is designed for children from eight to ten, who are just making friends with great characters of history. Will prove an incentive to further reading.

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