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*For remarkable Passages in the Criticisms, Extracts, Notices, and
Intelligence, see the Index at the end of the Volume.

Adams-Remembrance of Bonchurch, the
Burial-place of the Rev. W. Adams,
M.A., 476.

Adhyatma Rámáyana — Indian Manu-
scripts, Mahábhárata, Adhyátma Rá-
máyana, 404.

Aitcheson's Strictures on the Duke of Ar-
gyll's Essay, 482.

Alfred the Great, Life and Times of.

the Rev. J. A. Giles, D.C.L., 217.

Alison's History of Europe, Epitome of, 205.

Allies-Journal in France in 1845 and

1848. By the Rev. T. W. Allies,

M.A., 210.

Anderdon-The Words from the Cross-
Lent Sermons. By the Rev. W. H.
Anderdon, 209.

Anderson-History of the Church of Eng-
land in the Colonies. By the Rev. J.
S. M. Anderson, M.A., 480.

Apocalypse, Lectures on the;

Expository, and Practical.

Wordsworth, D.D., Canon of West-

minster, 212.

[blocks in formation]

Hugh Bennett, M.A., Curate of Lyme

Regis, Dorset, 159.

Berens-Memoir of the Life of Bishop

Mant. By his sometime Brother-Fel-

low Archdeacon Berens, 462.

Bernays-The Life of Christians during

the First Three Centuries of the Church.

By Dr. Chr. Ludw. Conard. Trans-
lated by the Rev. L. J. Bernays, 223.
Biber-The Life of St. Paul, the Apostle
of the Gentiles. By the Rev. G. E.
Biber, LL.D., 439.

Bigg-The Sea King, a Metrical Romance,

in Six Cantos. By J. Stanyan Bigg, 205.

Birkett-The Trial of Creation, and other

Poems. By the Rev. W. Birkett, M.A.,


Camlan-Lays from the Cimbric Lyre, with various Verses. By Goronva Camlan, 448.

Canada-Smith's Canadian Gazetteer, 201. Canadian Life, Sketches of, Lay and

Ecclesiastical. By a Presbyter of the Diocese of Toronto, 458. Catechesis; or, Christian Instruction preparatory to Confirmation and First Communion. By the Rev. Charles Wordsworth, 457.

Catechetical Lectures on the Incarnation and Childhood of our Lord Jesus Christ. By the Rev. James Hicks, 441. Catechism compiled for young persons. By Edward Ramsay, Dean of Edinburgh, 208.

Catechism of the Church of England,
Exposition of. By William Nicholson,
Bishop of Gloucester, 476.
Cathedral Music, a Few Words on.
Samuel Sebastian Wesley, Mus. Doc.,


"Catholic" Poor-School Committee, First
Annual Report of the, 323.
Catholic School, the, 323.
Cavendish-Letter to the Archbishop of
Canterbury on the Actual Relations
between Church and State. By the
Hon. Richard Cavendish, 387.
Chalmers Posthumous Works of Rev.
Thomas Chalmers, D. D.
Edited by
Rev. W. Hanna, LL.D., 202.
Child's Book of Ballads, the. By the
Author of "Hymns and Scenes of
Childhood," 476.

Christian Doctrine, System of. By Dr.
Carl I. Nitzsch. Translated by Rev.
Robert Montgomery, M. A., and John
Hennen, M.D. 436.

Christian Life, the. A Manual of Sacred Verse. By Rev. Robert Montgomery, M.A., 312.

Christians, the Life of, during the First Three Centuries of the Church. By Dr. Chr. Ludw. Conard. Translated by the Rev. L. J. Bernays, 223. Christianity, the Temporal Benefits of, exemplified in its influence on the Social, Intellectual, Civil, and Political Condition of Mankind. By Robert Blakey, 457.

Christian Scholar, the. By the Rev.

Isaac Williams, 445.

Church and State, Essay on the Union

of. By Baptist Wriothesley Noel, 286. Church and State, Letter on the Actual Relations between. By the Hon. Richard Cavendish, 387.

Church, Elements of Instruction concern

ing the. By Chr. Wordsworth, D.D., Canon of Westminster, 477. Church Extension and Reform, a Plan of, submitted to Lord John Russell. With Remarks by J. C. Colquhoun, Esq., 52. Church of our Fathers, the, as seen in St. Osmund's Rite for Salisbury Cathedral. By Daniel Rock, D.D., 475. Civilization of Europe-Protestantism and Catholicity compared in their effects on the Civilization of Europe. By the Rev. J. Balmez. Translated by C. J. Hansford and R. Kershaw, 438. Clarke-Thoughts in Verse, from a Village Churchman's Note-Book. By the Rev. Samuel Childs Clarke, 208. Colonies, History of the Church of England in the. By the Rev. J. S. M. Anderson, M.A., 480.


Colonization, Stray Suggestions on. Richard West Nash, Esq., 227. Colquhoun-Plan of Church Extension and Reform, submitted to Lord John Russell. With Remarks by J. C. Colquhoun, Esq., 52.

Committee of Council on Education, and the Church of England. By George Anthony Denison, M.A., Vicar of East Brent, Somerset, 94.

Committee of Council on Education, Minutes of the, 1847-8, 94.

Conard-The Life of Christians during the First Three Centuries of the Church. By Dr. Chr. Ludw. Conard. Translated by the Rev. L. J. Bernays, 223.

Confirmation, the Order of. By the Rev.

Henry Hopwood, M.A., 201.

Cooper Sermons on Events in Sacred History. By Rev. James Cooper, M.A. Perpetual Curate of St. Jude's, Bradford, 435.

Corner-Every Child's History of Eng-
land. By Miss Corner, 208.
Cotton-Lectures on the Holy Sacrament
of the Lord's Supper. By the Rev.
R. S. Cotton, D.D., Provost of Wor-
cester College, Oxford, 474.
Cottrell Religious Movements in Ger-
many in the Nineteenth Century. By
Charles Herbert Cottrell, Esq. M. A.,

Cureton's Corpus Ignatianum, 482.
Curzon-Visit to the Monasteries in the

Levant. By the Hon. Robert Curzon, jun., 432. Cyclops Christianus; an Argument to disprove the Antiquity of Stonehenge, and other Megalithic Erections in England and Brittany. By A. Herbert, 462.

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