Nickel-cobalt Contract Obligations of the United States Government (Moa Bay, Cuba, and Braithwaite, Louisiana).: Hearings Before a Subcommittee ... Eighty-sixth Congress, First Session. May 11 and 12, 1959

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1959 - 325 páginas
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Página 52 - The Contractor warrants that no person or selling agency has been employed or retained to solicit or secure this contract upon an agreement or understanding for a commission, percentage, brokerage, or contingent fee...
Página 2 - House shall exercise continuous watchfulness of the execution by the administrative agencies concerned of any laws, the subject matter of which is within the jurisdiction of such committee; and, for that purpose, shall study all pertinent reports and data submitted to the House by the agencies in the executive branch of the Government.
Página 2 - House is sitting, has recessed, or has adjourned, to hold such hearings, to require the attendance of such witnesses and the production of such books, papers, and documents, and to take such testimony, as it deems necessary.
Página 5 - House as it deems necessary or desirable in connection with the subject matter of such reports; "(B) studying the operation of Government activities at all levels with a view to determining its economy and efficiency...
Página 6 - In the discretion of the committee, witnesses may submit brief and pertinent sworn statements in writing for inclusion in the record. The committee is the sole judge of the pertinency of testimony and evidence adduced at its hearing.
Página 134 - Except as otherwise provided, the Contractor agrees to indemnify the Government and its officers, agents, and employees against liability, including costs and expenses, for infringement upon any Letters Patent of the United States (except Letters Patent issued upon an application which is now or may hereafter be, for reasons of national security, ordered by the Government to be kept secret or otherwise withheld from issue) arising out of the performance of this contract or out of the use or disposal...
Página 81 - SEC. 303. (a) To assist in carrying out the objectives of this Act, the President may make provision (1) for purchases of or commitments to purchase metals, minerals, and other materials, for Government use or resale; and (2) for the encouragement of exploration, development, and mining of critical and strategic minerals and metals: Provided, however.
Página 6 - The chairman may punish breaches of order and decorum, and of professional ethics on the part of counsel, by censure and exclusion from the hearings; and the committee may cite the offender to the House for contempt.
Página 52 - Code 35-45), there are hereby incorporated by reference all representations and stipulations required by said Act and regulations issued thereunder by the Secretary of Labor, such representations and stipulations being subject to all applicable rulings and interpretations of the Secretary of Labor which are now or may hereafter be in effect.
Página 53 - No member of or delegate to Congress, or resident commissioner, shall be admitted to any share or part of this contract, or to any benefit that may arise therefrom; but this provision shall not be construed to extend to this contract if made with a corporation for its general benefit. ARTICLE...

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