A Casebook of Psychotherapy Integration

George Stricker, Jerold R. Gold
American Psychological Association, 2006 - 320 páginas
In A Casebook of Psychotherapy Integration, editors George Strieker and Jerry Gold bring together a group of master therapists, leaders in their fields, to demonstrate how they successfully apply their own integrative approaches. Compelling case examples, written in accessible and engaging language, illustrate the various shapes that integration may take. After briefly introducing the theoretical model from which they work, the therapists describe not only how they intervened in each case but also how they thought about the case at critical decision points throughout the therapy. The cases bring to life many contemporary issues and provide opportunities for both experienced and novice therapists to hone their sensitivities and skills with a diverse range of clients.

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A SevenPoint Integration
Systematic Treatment Selection and Prescriptive
Integrating the Psychotherapies Through Their
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