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cydides, little, I believe, will ever be done towards correcting it by the search after new manuscripts: the corruptions after all are not many, and it is doubtful whether those in the eighth book are not attributable to the imperfect state in which the text was left by Thucydides himself. The forms of words where they differ from those known to have been used by the Attic writers may, I think, be safely and without scruple corrected.

Rugby, October 1839.

[In this third edition some errors which had hitherto escaped detection have been corrected, and the references made in the notes to passages in Thucydides, Herodotus, Xenophon, or Aristotle, have been rendered more precise by the addition of the numbers of the sections, unless where a reference regarded the substance of a whole chapter. References also to Jelf's Grammar have been given, in most of the notes where Dr. Arnold has referred to Matthiæ and Kühner. Additional various readings, and additional authorities for various readings already noted in the preceding editions, have been inserted from Bekker's stereotype edition, as well as the differences, except of punctuation, to be found in his text.

R. P. G. T.]





A. (in Poppo's edit. " Italus.") Where this MS. now is does not appear. It was taken from some place in the north of Italy by the French during the revolution, and carried to the royal library at Paris. Bekker collated it in 1812 during his residence in France. It was restored in 1815 to the Austrians.

B. (Poppo, "Vaticanus.") In the Vatican library at Rome, No. 126. A small folio, consisting of 188 leaves, with from 30 to 32 lines in each page, and from 60 to 70 letters in each line. The writing is full of abbreviations. It contains scholia written by the same hand. It was first collated by Bekker.

C. (Poppo, « Laurentianus."). In the Laurentian library at Florence, compartment 69, MS. 2. The Catalogue hung up in the library itself, states this MS. to be of the date of the tenth century. The characters are large and round-shaped; and its first six leaves are of a later date. It may be identified by the subscription added at the end of the volume, DEO GRATIAS PETRUS SCRIPSIT. Bekker collated this MS. from book I. chap. 15, to the end of book II., and book VIII, chap. 1-31. The third and fourth books have

been first collated for the present edition.

D. ("Marcianus," Poppo.) In the library of St. Mark at Venice,

numbered in the catalogue 367. Bekker has collated the seventh book: the rest, as far as appears, has not yet been collated. I believe that this is the MS. marked X in the second and third volumes of this edition. I collated a few chapters of it at Venice in July 1830.

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E. ("Palatinus," Poppo.) In the library at Heidelberg, No. 252. Written in a large character, with the adscriptum not subscriptum : supposed by Creuzer to be older than the twelfth century. It has been collated for Poppo, and by Bekker.

F. ("Augustanus," Poppo.) In the library at Munich, No. 430. formerly at Augsburg. First collated by Gottleber and Bauer.

G. ("Monacensis m.," Poppo.) At Munich, No. 228, formerly 287. Collated by Göller and Bekker.

H. ("Cassellanus," Poppo.) At Cassel in Westphalia. Written in the year 1252. First collated by Duker.

I. ("Vindobonensis," Poppo.) In the imperial library at Vienna. First collated by Alter, in his edition published at Vienna, 1786.

K. ("Grævianus," Poppo.) At Utrecht. First collated for Hudson's edition.

L. ("Arundelianus," Poppo.) In the Arundel library. First collated by Hudson.

M. ("Baroccianus," Poppo.) In the Bodleian; containing only the speeches. Collated by Hudson.

N. (" Clarendonianus," Poppo.) In the public library at Cambridge. Collated by Hudson.

O. ("Chr." Poppo.) In the library of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Collated by Hudson.

P. ("Danicus," Poppo.) At Copenhagen.

Q. ("Mosquensis," Poppo.) At Moscow.
Bauer's edition.

Collated by Duker.

Collated for Gottleber and

T. In the university library at Cambridge. I collated the fourth book, and some passages in the other books.

V. ("Venetus," Poppo.) In the library of St. Mark at Venice, No. 364. Specimens of it were published by Zanetti in 1740. It has been collated for this edition.

W. In the library of St. Mark at Venice, numbered respectively, X.365, 367, classis VII. Cod. 50, classis VII. Cod. 5. The third Y. of these manuscripts, Y, was taken to Paris, and restored in 1815. Z. I collated a few chapters of each of them at Venice in 1830.

Taur. In the university library at Turin. I collated a few chapters of it in 1830.

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Parm. In the library at Parma. This MS. was given by Octavius Specianus to Paul Bissolius, a Jesuit, and member of the Domus Professa, or Convent, of S. Fidelis at Milan. On his death it came into the common library of the society, was afterwards sold to Matth. Aloys. Canonici, a presbyter of the same order, and by him sold again to P. M. Paciaudi, librarian at Parma about fifty or sixty years ago. It is very modern, being written towards the close of the fifteenth century; and seems to agree most closely in its readings with the Paris MSS. d and i. I collated about thirty chapters of the fourth book, with some of the more remarkable passages in the other books. It has never been collated regularly.

47. 48. Two MSS. so numbered in the Canonici collection purchased by the university of Oxford at Venice in 1813, and now in the Bodleian. I have only collated them in a very few places, as they seemed to agree generally with the MSS. of the lowest class, and are of no great antiquity.

Besides these, the following have been collated more or less com

pletely, and are referred to by Poppo and Göller.

R. (Poppo, Monacensis b.)
S. (Poppo, Monacensis m.)
T. (Poppo, Monacensis f.)

At Munich, collated by Göller. The first is of the sixteenth century, and of little or no value. The second is of the thirteenth century; and is marked by Bekker in his stereotype edition of 1832 by the letter G, the mark which I have followed in this edition. The third (f) merely contains a few extracts from Thucydides, together with others from different writers. Lugdunensis. At Leyden, of which some specimens have been given by Wyttenbach in his "Selecta principum Historicorum."

Besides these, there is another MS. of Thucydides in the Laurentian Library at Florence, much more modern than the one already noticed; but I have had no opportunity of collating it. Montfaucon, in his account of the libraries of Italy, mentions three as existing at Rome, two at Naples, and two at Milan. There is also said to be one at Madrid.

It is possible, however, that there may be others besides these still unexamined in the libraries of Italy. The public library at Perugia, for instance, is said to contain some valuable MSS.; and it may be mentioned generally, that any lover of Greek literature travelling in Italy might render essential service, with very little trouble to himself, by merely inquiring of the librarians in every town of importance through which he passes, what MSS. of Greek writers they possess in their respective collections, and requesting permission, which is in general most liberally granted, to inspect those of any author in whom he may happen to take the greatest interest.

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