Extension of the Juvenile Delinquency Act

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1963 - 555 páginas
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Página 401 - ... before the Ways and Means Committee of the House and the Finance Committee of the Senate, the amendment was not adopted.
Página 1 - Secretary but not exceeding $50 per diem, including travel time, and while away from their homes or regular places of business they may be allowed travel expenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, as authorized by section 5 of the Administrative Expenses Act of 1946 (5 USC 73b-2) for persons in the Government service employed intermittently.
Página viii - Payments under grants made under this Act may be made in installments, and in advance or by way of reimbursement, as may be determined by the Administrator. DEFINITIONS Sec. 302. When used in this Act— (a) The term 'Administrator' means the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. (b) The term 'air pollution control agency...
Página 3 - Government is to assist in developing techniques for the prevention and control of juvenile delinquency and youth offenses, and to encourage the coordination of efforts among governmental and nongovernmental educational, employment, health, welfare, law enforcement, correctional, and other agencies concerned with such problems.
Página 409 - By virtue of the authority vested in me as President of the United States, it is ordered as follows : Section 1. There is hereby established the President's Advisory Committee on Labor-Management Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Committee).
Página 409 - Except for his accountability to his designating authority, any person while so serving shall have in all respects the same status, as a member of the Committee, as do other members of the Committee.
Página 42 - Federal property: (1) if no tax revenues of the State or any political subdivision thereof may be expended for the free public education of such children; or (2) if it is the judgment of the Commissioner, after he has consulted with the appropriate State educational agency, that no local educational agency is able to provide suitable free public education for such children...
Página viii - The Attorney General is authorized to make studies with respect to matters relating to law enforcement organization, techniques and practices, or the prevention or control of crime...
Página 313 - Programs administered by the Department of Labor under the Manpower Development and Training Act (MDTA) and the Economic Opportunity Act can retrain and reemploy workers laid off because of pollution control requirements.
Página vii - Nation; that such delinquency and offenses are increasing in both urban and rural communities ; that such delinquency and offenses occur disproportionately among school dropouts, unemployed youth faced with limited opportunities and with employment barriers, and youth in deprived family situations; and that prevention and control of such delinquency and offenses require intensive and coordinated efforts on the part of private and governmental interests.

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