Speech Communication: Essays to Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Speech Communication Association

Southern Illinois University Press, 1990 - 347 páginas

The essays and their authors are: "Speech Communication after 75 Years: Issues and Prospects" by Dennis S. Gouran; "Constituted by Agency: The Discourse and Practice of Rhetorical Criticism" by Sonja Foss; "Contemporary Developments in Rhetorical Criticism: A Consideration of the Effects of Rhetoric" by Richard A. Cherwitz and John Theobald-Osborne; "Tradition and Resurgence in Public Address Studies" by Robert S. Iltis and Stephen H. Browne; "Communication Competence" by Rebecca B. Rubin; "Interpersonal Communication Research: What Should We Know?" by Dean E. Hewes, Michael E. Roloff, Sally Planalp, and David R. Seibold; "Research in Interpretation and Performance Studies: Trends, Issues and Priorities" by Mary S. Strine, Beverly Long, and Mary Frances Hopkins; "Communication Technology and Society" by Stuart J. Kaplan; "Legal Constraints on Communication" by Peter E. Kane; "A Cultural Inquiry Concerning the Ontological and Epistemic Dimensions of Self, Other, and Context in Communication Scholarship" by H. Lloyd Goodall, Jr.; "Health Communication and Interpersonal Competence" by Gary Kreps and Jim Query, Jr.; and "What Doth the Future Hold?" by Carroll C. Arnold.

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