Circular[s] of Information, Edição 2

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1871
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Página 8 - ... in •which such parents or guardians reside, upon its being shown to their satisfaction that his bodily or mental condition has been such as to prevent his attendance at school or application to study for the period required, or that such child or children are taught in a private school, or at home, in such branches as are usually taught in primary schools, or have...
Página 8 - Michigan enact, that every parent, guardian, or other person in the State of Michigan having control and charge of any child or children between the ages of eight and fourteen years, shall be required to send any such child or children to a public school for a period of at least twelve weeks...
Página 8 - ... more than twenty dollars for the second and every subsequent offense. Said fine shall be collected by the director of said district in the name of the district in an action of debt, or on the case, and when collected shall be paid to the...
Página 3 - You may ply the usual energies of your administration, but the resistance is abnormal. You may flog, but every blow uncovers the needle-points of fresh stings. You may protest and supplicate, scold and argue, inveigh and insist, the demon is not exorcised, nor even hit, but is only distributed through fifty fretting and fidgeting forms. You will encounter the mischief successfully, when you encounter it indirectly.
Página 29 - Do those who can merely read and write, and who merely possess those rudiments of an education, other things being equal, show any greater skill and fidelity as laborers, skilled or unskilled, or as artisans, than do those who are not able to read and write ? and, if so, how much would such additional skill, &c. tend to increase the productiveness of their services, and, consequently, their wages?
Página 8 - ... are taught in a private school, or at home, in such branches as are usually taught in primary schools, or have already acquired the ordinary branches of learning taught in the public...
Página 8 - ... shall be consecutive, unless such child or children are excused from such attendance by the board of the school district in which such parent...
Página 12 - ... to those whom he considers his oppressors. To the query as to the effect and value of still higher education, a knowledge of the sciences that underlie his occupation, the answers are very varied, and treat upon nearly all the related questions in the contest between capital and labor. One replies that...
Página 4 - In short, ho knows the uses of the materials and the designs of the specifications, and he is able to earn his wages, and in many cases superior wages, besides enjoying steady employment during the building season. The latter class of our trade are the students of our business ; they lighten their labors and the labor of others by new inventions. A year ago 1,000 brick a day was considered a fair day's work.
Página 14 - That this increase of value arises, 1st, from the fact of his being more readily instructed in the duties of his work ; 2d, that he needs less supervision ; 3d, that he does his work to better advantage; 4th, that "he is less liable to join in unreasonable strikes; 5th, is more industrious; 6th, less dissipated ; and lastly, is less liable to become an expense to the commonwealth through poverty or crime.

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