The Luzerne Legal Register, Volume 9

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Página 23 - It is a well-settled principle of law that the acts of such persons are valid when they concern the public, or the rights of third persons who have an interest in the act done: People v.
Página 100 - That for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar cash in hand paid by the party of the second part to the party of the first part...
Página 231 - ... said county for a period of not less than one day for each dollar of the...
Página 284 - That John Bunyan of the town of Bedford, labourer, being a person of such and such conditions, he hath (since such a time) devilishly and perniciously abstained from coming to church to hear divine service, and is a common upholder of several unlawful meetings and conventicles, to the great disturbance and distraction of the good subjects of this kingdom, contrary to the laws of our sovereign lord the king, &c.
Página 34 - Truth, like all other good things, may be loved unwisely, may be pursued too keenly, may cost too much ; and surely the meanness and the mischief of prying into a man's confidential consultations with his legal adviser, the general evil of infusing reserve and dissimulation, uneasiness and suspicion...
Página 150 - acts of parliament were after the old fashion penned, by such only as perfectly knew what the common law was before the making of any act of parliament concerning that matter, as also how far forth former statutes had provided remedy for former mischiefs, and defects discovered by experience; then should very few questions in law arise, and the learned should not so often and so much perplex their heads to make atonement and peace, by construction of law, between insensible and disagreeing words,...
Página 68 - ... provided, that all property, real or personal, other than that which is in actual use and occupation for the purposes aforesaid, and from which any income or revenue is derived, shall be subject to taxation, except where exempted by law for state purposes, and nothing herein contained shall exempt same therefrom.
Página 100 - ... collector of such rates and levies, therein authorizing and requiring him to demand and receive from every person in such duplicate named the sum wherewith such person stands charged.
Página 20 - forgery must be of some document or writing," and therefore putting an artist's name on the corner of a picture in order to pass it off as an original picture by that artist was held not to be forgery.
Página 44 - provides how the gross sum shall be estimated; and whether she shall have it, except in the case of dower, rests in the sound discretion of the court in view of all the circumstances. In...

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