The Yale Review, Volume 13

George Park Fisher, George Burton Adams, Henry Walcott Farnam, Arthur Twining Hadley, John Christopher Schwab, Edward Gaylord Bourne, William Fremont Blackman, Irving Fisher, Henry Crosby Emery, Wilbur Lucius Cross
Yale University, 1905
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Página 137 - The High Contracting Parties having mutually recognized the independence of China and of Corea, declare themselves to be entirely uninfluenced by any aggressive tendencies in either country. Having in view, however, their special interests, of which those of Great Britain relate principally to China, while Japan, in addition to the interests which she possesses in China, is interested in a peculiar degree politically, as well as commercially and industrially, in...
Página 406 - No evils arising from such legislation could be more far-reaching than those that might come to our system of government if the judiciary, abandoning the sphere assigned to it by the fundamental law, should enter the domain of legislation, and upon grounds merely of justice or reason or wisdom annul statutes that had received the sanction of the people's representatives.
Página 232 - If you do like them, send us $2.00 every month for twelve months. In order to keep you in touch with us during these months, on receipt of your request for these books we will enter you as a subscriber for one year, without additional cost to you, for either Harper's Magazine, Harper's Weekly, Harper's Bazar, or The North American Review.
Página 447 - It presents in an inexpensive form, considering its great amount of matter, with freshness, owing to its weekly issue, and with a satisfactory completeness...
Página 403 - Such value shall be estimated without enhancement on account of future earning capacity or good will or of exclusive privileges derived from rights in the public streets.
Página 445 - ... collection of books. In this place, in this spacious building, they offer one of the best assurances a university can have of strength and fame and numbers, for a great library draws men and women in search of education as a garden of flowers draws the bees. Carlyle indeed went even further when he said, "The true university of these days is a collection of books.
Página 403 - ... the price to be paid therefor shall be its fair market value for the purposes of its use, no portion of such plant to be estimated, however, at less than its fair market value for any other purpose...
Página 403 - ... who shall give the parties an opportunity to be heard, and shall thereafter adjudicate what property, real or personal, including rights and easements, shall be sold by the one and purchased by the other, in accordance with the provisions of this act, and what the price, time and other conditions of the sale and delivery thereof shall be.
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Página 402 - When any city or town shall decide as hereinbefore provided to establish a plant, and any person, firm or corporation shall at the time of the first vote required for such decision be engaged...

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