P's and Q's: A Book on the Art of Letter Arrangement

Doubleday, Page, 1923 - 108 páginas
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Página 3 - We lie in the lap of immense intelligence, which makes us receivers of its truth and organs of its activity. When we discern justice, when we discern truth, we do nothing of ourselves, but allow a passage to its beams.
Página 86 - industrial arts," "drawing," or "design." These are names for certain applications of the art power. It is possible to teach drawing, design, and industrial art without producing a vestige of that quality which stirred you before Rheims Cathedral. Art consists in excellence (of quality, not of technique) and the production of it depends upon exercise of powers within, not of collection of facts from without or acquirement of knowledge and skill. This excellence cannot be measured except by the appreciations....
Página 32 - The design may be composed entirely of straight lines or of curved lines or of a combination of curved and straight lines.
Página 87 - Schools of Illumination. Reproductions from Manuscripts in the British Museum. Part I. Hiberno-Saxon and Early English Schools.
Página 85 - A teacher exists to plan work for others to do, to present it in as clear, direct, and interesting a manner as possible, and then to see that it is done. Art cannot be pumped into any one any more than playing the piano can.
Página 85 - Much time and energy is spent in theorizing about methods of teaching. This is all well and good. Sometimes you learn what not to do. But above all, good common sense is most needed in teaching.
Página 34 - Without an outline. (In this case the monogram itself will shape into a definite form and appear to be arranged in a circle, square, etc.) (B) Points within the shape to be studied are 1.
Página 88 - ... map of the island, the dancing savages are to be seen along with their canoes. The first edition also, in its frontispiece, established the style of Crusoe's suit of skins.9 There was, then, a popular tradition »See Edwin Pearson, Banbury Chap Books (London, 1890), p. 40; also reproduced in looo Quaint Cuts from Books of Other Days . . . from Original Blocks Belonging to the Leadenhall Press (London, 1886), p.
Página 87 - A History of the Art of Writing," by William A. Mason; Macmillan. Schools of Illumination. Reproductions from manuscripts in the British Museum, Part i, 2. Manuscripts. Anglo-Saxon and Irish by JO Westwood. "Universal Paleography,
Página 18 - A successful poster demands attention, holds it, and creates a desire to buy or give or stay or go and an actual response in buying, giving, BERLIN FIG.

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