From Where I Sit, From Where You Stand: A Roll Through Life

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As Marshall, with his wife and family, rolls through life, accompany him. Enjoy the witty and often whimsical episodes that occur. In work, play, travel, community, and worship, ponder the dialogues of opinions, perceptions, events, and realities of being physically challenged. The journey, which includes more than fifty years in a wheelchair, is presented in a topical display in chapters on different arenas of life:

 The Paradox - Diversities of perceptions and realties.

The Good Old Days - Early life on a one-horse farm.

Fate Knocked at My Door - The accident.

Angels of Mercy - Hospitalization.

Letters of Cheer - Student nurses’ letters.

Give Me Elbow Grease - Rehabilitation

You Can Go Home Again - Summer at home.    

The Halls of Ivy - Education.    

Keeping the Faith – Job searching.                    

The Birds and the Bees – Love and passion.                  

Dreams Come True - Marriage and family.

Toiling in the Vineyards - Work experiences.     

No Man is an Island - Community life.   

On the Road - Travel.

God Bless You – God, others, and I.

Keeping the Juices Flowing - Adapting

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees – Perceptions.          

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk – Realities.

The Golden Years - The senior years.

The Journey has been one of challenges, physical, mental, and spiritual.  It included two years of hospitalization and rehabilitation to prepare him to enter a world not yet ready for the physically challenged. He found himself looking inside with no way in.  He boarded airplanes by hand-walking the support rails. He dealt with perceptions: “What can you do? You are handicapped!” His faith and hope were tested: Why me, God?  Should I marry?  Will any company hire me?  Successes came: A lovely wife, two beautiful adopted babies, enjoyable work, friendships, health, and joy.  


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The Paradox
Fate Knocked at My Door
Letters of Cheer
Give Me Elbow Grease
You Can Go Home Again
Keeping the Faith
Dreams Come True
Toiling in the Vineyards
No Man Is an Island
On The Road
God Bless You
Keeping the Juices Flowing
Cant See the Forest for the Trees
Dont Cry Over Spilled Milk
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Marshall Wall and his wife LeVon reside in Lexington, Kentucky. They have two children and three grandchildren. In the fall of 1953, he entered Berea College, Berea, Kentucky. In his third year, fate intervened. An automobile accident left him confined to a wheelchair. After two intensive years of hospitalization and rehabilitation, he resumed his education. While hospitalized, he met LeVon, a student nurse, who became his wife. With the aid of a vocational rehabilitation scholarship and a working wife, Marshall, completed his education at the University of Illinois, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree in Mathematics. Following graduation, he entered a world where resources and physical accessibility were limited for the handicapped. His first job was a mathematician/programmer for General Dynamics on the Atlas missile defense program. After three years, he joined Lockheed Missile and Space Division in Huntsville, Alabama to work on space exploration studies for NASA. Two years later, Marshall joined the IBM Apollo Project team, holding various technical and management positions. In Huntsville, LeVon and Marshall adopted two babies, Janis and Eric. When the Apollo program ended, he transferred to Lexington, Kentucky to do computer software development. Marshall is retired from IBM. Marshall is blessed. He has a loving family. He has been active in his church and community. He has had the opportunity to see much of the beauty of our nation, to share the company of diverse people, and to have interesting experiences. His journey of life is one of hope, challenges, and dreams coming true.

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