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For remarkable Passages in the Criticisms, Extracts, Notices, and
Intelligence, see the Index at the end of the Volume.

Allies-The Church of England Cleared
from the Charge of Schism, upon Tes-
timonies of Councils and Fathers of the
First Six Centuries. By Thomas Wil-
liam Allies, Rector of Launton, Oxon.,

Anthologia Davidica; or a Metrical Trans-

lation of the whole Book of Psalms, se-
lected from our published Versions, with
alterations: being an Essay towards the
Compilation of a National Psalm Book.
By Presbyter Cicestrensis, 446.
Archæological Institute - Proceedings of
the Annual Meeting of the Archæological
Institute of Great Britain and Ireland,
at Winchester, September, 1845, 189.

Beaumont-Means of Increasing the Ef-
ficiency of the Church, 199.



Sanctus Thomas Cantuariensis.
Ed. J. A. Giles, 37.
Beckman's History of Inventions, 465.
Bennett-The Eucharist, its History, Doc-
trine, and Practice, with Meditations
and Prayers suitable to that Holy Sa-
crament. By William J. E. Bennett,
M.A., 193.

Biber-The Supremacy Question, or Jus-
tice to the Church of England. An ap
peal to British Justice for the removal of
the difficulties which at present impede
the proper exercise of the Royal Supre-
macy and the necessary work of Church
Reform. By the Rev. G. E. Biber,
LL.D., 418.

Biber-Sermons on Saints' Days: preached
at different times, in the Chapel of the
Holy Trinity, Roehampton. By the Rev.
G. E. Biber, LL.D., 459.
Bickersteth-Catechetical Exercises on the
Apostles' Creed (chiefly from the Expo-

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Browne-Ordo Saclorum. A Treatise on
the Chronology of the Holy Scriptures,
&c. By the Rev. Henry Browne, M.A.,
Principal of the Diocesan College, Chi-
chester, 77.

Burns' Illustrated Catalogue, 468.

Campbell-The Lives of the Lord Chan-
cellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of
England. By John, Lord Campbell,
A.M., F.R.S.E., 37.
Capefigue-Histoire de la Restauration et
des causes qui ont amené la chute de la
branche aînée des Bourbons, par M.
Capefigue. Troisième édition, revue,
corrigée et très-augmentée, 1.

L'Europe depuis l'Avènement
du roi Louis-Philippe, par M. Cape-
figue, 1.
Cheyne-Essays on Partial Derangement
of the Mind, in supposed connexion with
Religion. By John Cheyne, M.D., &c.,

Devotional Library, 468.

Short Meditations for every Day in the
Year, 468.

The Crucified Jesus: a Devotional Com-

mentary on the 22nd and 23rd chap-

ters of St. Luke. By Anthony Horneck, D.D., 468.

The Retired Christian exercised in Divine Thoughts and Heavenly Meditations. By Bishop Ken, 468. Helps to Self-Examination. By W. F. Hook, D.D., 468.

Ellis-The Daughters of England. By Mrs. Ellis, 285.

-The Mothers of England. By Mrs. Ellis, 285.

-The Wives of England. By Mrs. Ellis, 285.

-The Women of England. By Mrs. Ellis, 285.

English Churchman's Calendar, 468. English Churchwomen of the Seventeenth Century, 285.

Galloway-The Gate of Prophecy; being the Revelation of Jesus Christ by St. John, theologically and historically_expounded, &c. By William Brown Galloway, M. A., Curate of Brompton, Middlesex, 458.

Gatty-Sermons published at the request

of his Congregation. By Alfred Gatty, M.A., Vicar of Ecclesfield, 194. Gerhard Fourteen Meditations for a Fortnight of John Gerhard, 464. Giles-The Life and Letters of Thomas à Becket, now first gathered from the contemporary historians. By the Rev. J. A. Giles, D.C.L., late Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 37. Groves-Pasilogia: an Essay towards the formation of a system of Universal Language, both written and vocal; with suggestions for its dissemination throughout the world: including a succinct review of the principal systems of similar character heretofore published. By the Rev. Edward Groves, 450.

Harrington-The Succession of Bishops in

the Church of England unbroken; or, the Nag's Head Fable refuted. With a Postscript on the Ordination Services of Edward the Sixth, in reply to the Ninth Letter of the Rev. J. Spencer Northcote. By E. C. Harrington, M.A., Prebendary of Exeter, &c., 198. Harvey-Discourses, preached in the Parish

Church of St. Mary's, Truro. By the Rev. W. Woodis Harvey, M.A., 441. Hastings-Parochial Sermons from Trinity to Advent Sunday. By Henry James

Hastings, M.A., Rector of Areley Kings, 195. Heylin-Doctrine and Discipline of the English Church. By Peter Heylin, 464. Hook-An Ecclesiastical Biography, containing the Lives of Ancient Fathers and Modern Divines, interspersed with notices of Heretics and Schismatics, forming a brief history of the Church in every age. By Walter Farquhar Hook, D.D., Vicar of Leeds, 190.

On the means of rendering more efficient the Education of the People: a Letter to the Lord Bishop of St. David's. By Walter Farquhar Hook, D.D., Vicar of Leeds, 127.

Hooper-The Translation: or, The Changing of the Living Saints, and their deliverance from the judgments which are coming on the earth. By the Rev. John Hooper, Rector of Albury, 445.

Jarvis-A Chronological Introduction to the History of the Church: being a new inquiry into the true dates of the birth and death of our Lord and Saviour. By Samuel Farmar Jarvis, D.D., 77. Jenyns-Observations on Natural History: with an Introduction on Habits of Observing, as connected with the Study of that Science. Also a Calendar of Periodic Phenomena in Natural History; with Remarks on the Importance of such Registers. By the Rev. Leonard Jenyns, M.A., 177.

Justin Martyr-Justin Martyr's Dialogue with Trypho the Jew. Translated from the Greek, &c. By Henry Browne, M.A., Vicar of Netherswell, Gloucestershire, 193.

Kell-Discourse on the Necessity of Providing an Enlightened Education for the Christian Ministry, &c. By Edmund Kell, M.A., 467.

Lincoln-A Charge to the Clergy of the Diocese of Lincoln. By John, Lord Bishop of Lincoln. Delivered at the Triennial Visitation in 1846, 195.

Macculloch--The Principles of Political Economy; with some Inquiries respecting their Application, and a Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the Science. By J. R. Macculloch, Esq., 96. Manual of Devotions for Confirmation and First Communion, 464.

McNeile-The Church and the Churches, By the Rev. Hugh McNeile, M.A.,

&c. &c., 192. Margoliouth-An Exposition of the Fiftythird Chapter of Isaiah; being a Course of Six Lectures delivered in Glasnevin Church. By the Rev. Moses Margoliouth, Incumbent of Glasnevin, 442. Markland-On the Reverence due to Holy Places. By the Author of "Remarks on English Churches," 465. Maskell Monumenta Ritualia Ecclesia Anglicana: or, Occasional Offices of the Church of England, according to the Ancient Use of Salisbury, the Prymer in English, and other Prayers and Forms. By the Rev. W. Maskell, 180.

The Ancient Liturgy of the Church of England, according to the Uses of Sarum, Bangor, York, and Hereford, and the Modern Roman Liturgy, arranged in Parallel Columns. By the Rev. W. Maskell, M.A., 180. Moore-The Use of the Body in Relation to the Mind. By George Moore, M.D., 447. More-Strictures on the Modern System of Education. By Hannah More, 285. Mountain-Songs of the Wilderness. By George J. Mountain, D.D., Lord Bishop of Montreal, 466.

Napier-Florentine History, from the earliest authentic Records to the Accession of Ferdinand the Third, Grand Duke of Tuscany. By Henry Edward Napier, Captain in the Royal Navy, 459. Nevins-Theodore, his Brother and Sisters: or, a Summer at Seymour Hall. Edited by the Rev. William Nevins, 464.

Outlines of the Christian Faith. In Fif teen Short Lectures. By a Clergyman of the Church of England, 192.

Paley-A Manual of Gothic Architecture.
By F. A. Paley, M.A., 466.
Parkin-The Cause of Blight and Pesti-
lence in the Vegetable Creation. By
John Parkin, M.D., 467.

Parry-Ordination Vows: practically con-
sidered in a Series of Sermons. By
Thomas Parry, D.D., Lord Bishop of
Barbados, 194.

Three Charges, delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Barbados, in the Years 1843, 1844, and 1846. By Thomas Parry, D.D., Lord Bishop of Barbados, 456.

Platter-The Autobiography of Thomas Platter from the German, 468. Plummer-The Clergyman's Assistant in Visiting the Sick: to which are added the Offices for the Communion of the Sick. By the Rev. Matthew Plummer, M.A., 191.

Polignac-Réponse à mes Adversaires, pour servir de Suite au premier Volume de l'Ouvrage intitulé, Etudes Historiques, Politiques et Morales, sur l'Etat de la Société Européenne vers le Milieu du Dix-neuvième Siècle. Far le Prince de Polignac, 1.

Etudes Historiques, Politiques

et Morales, sur l'Etat de la Société Européenne vers le Milieu du Dix-neuvième Siècle. Par le Prince de Polig

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