Conservation of Tin Ore Reserves: Hearing Before the Committee on Banking and Currency, House of Representatives, Eighty-first Congress, First Session on S. 1433, an Act Amending Public Law 125, Eightieth Congress, Approved June 28, 1947, as Amended. June 7, 1949

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1949 - 40 páginas
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Considers legislation to authorize the Reconstruction Finance Corp. to sell imported low-grade tin ore to private smelting companies and to purchase the resulting processed tin on terms equivalent to the cost of processing tin ore at the Government-owned tin smelter at Texas City, Tex.

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Página 12 - Violations. Any person who wilfully violates any provision of this order, or who, in connection with this order, wilfully conceals a material fact or furnishes false information to any department or agency of the United States, is guilty of a crime, and upon conviction may be punished by fine or imprisonment.
Página 1 - In order to promote the conservation of the tin ore reserves of the Western Hemisphere and to increase their availability for the tin requirements of the United States through diversification of tin-recovery facilities in the United States, the powers exercised by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation or its successor and continued in effect by the provisions of section 2 hereof shall include authority to offer for sale from time to time and to sell to the highest bidder for the recovery in the...
Página 24 - Import" means to transport in any manner into the continental United States from any foreign country or from any territory or possession of the United States. It includes shipments into a free port, free zone, or bonded custody of the United States Bureau of Customs (bonded warehouse) in the continental United States and shipments into the continental United States for processing or manufacture in bond for exportation.
Página 4 - The powers, functions, duties, and authority of the United States heretofore exercised by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1) to buy, sell, and transport tin, and tin ore and concentrates; (2) to improve, develop, maintain, and operate by lease or otherwise the Government-owned tin smelter at Texas City, Texas ; (3) to finance research in tin smelting and processing; and (4) to do all other things necessary to the accomplishment of the foregoing...
Página 25 - ... of importation had purchased or otherwise acquired from any United States governmental department, agency, or corporation; or (iii) To any material consigned or imported as a sample where the value of each consignment or shipment is less than $25.00. (c) 'Reports — (1) Reports on customs entry.
Página 22 - Specific reporting requirements subsequently prescribed will be subject to the approval of the Bureau of the Budget pursuant to the Federal Reports Act of 1942.
Página 24 - States foreign-trade zones to a foreign country without processing or manufacture. However, if any material in such shipments in transit in bond is because of a change in plans, to be sold or used in the continental United States, or subjected to processing or manufacture in the continental United States, it becomes an 'import' for the purposes of this order and requires the reports specified in section 14 of this order.
Página 4 - The United States was thus dependent for its supply of this strategic metal on imports from the smelters in Malaya, Netherlands, East Indies, England, and Holland. Although Bolivia, the only important source of tin in the Western Hemisphere, could produce over 40,000 tons of tin a year in the form of concentrates, its concentrates were all shipped to Europe for smelting. All attempts to establish a commercial tin-smelting industry in this country had proved unsuccessful. The threat of a serious tin...
Página 4 - ... and to contract to buy up to an equivalent amount of such pig tin for future delivery, not to exceed four months from date of delivery of such concentrates or tin-bearing material to the processor, at the Reconstruction Finance Corporation's selling price for such grade on the date of such contract: Provided, That the minimum price at which any such concentrates or tin-bearing materials are so sold shall represent no less return to the Government, as determined or estimated by the Reconstruction...
Página 24 - ... referred to in section 1, the Administrator of General Services is given the exclusive control of importation into the United States of crude natural rubber and natural rubber latex (excluding guayule, balata and gutta percha), and no person, except as authorized in writing by said Administrator, shall purchase for import, import, offer to purchase for import, receive, or offer to receive on consignment, or make any contract or other arrangement for the importing...

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