To Build in a New Land: Ethnic Landscapes in North America

Allen G. Noble
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992 - 472 páginas

Lavishly illustrated with historical photographs, maps, and architectural drawings, To Build in a New Land includes chapters on Ukrainian pioneer landscapes in western Canada, Cajun farmsteads in Louisiana, Czech settlements in South Dakota, Danish homes in Iowa and Minnesota, vernacular architecture of the German-Russian Mennonites of southeastern Manitoba, Afro-American housing in the southeastern United States, and the regional variations of Irish, English, and Scottish construction in Ontario.

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Acadians in Maritime Canada
The Irish English and Scots in Ontario
Germans in Ohio
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Allen G. Noble is professor and head of the Department of Geography at the Uniersity of Akron. His publications include Wood, Brick, and Stone: Studies of the North American Settlement Landscape, Ohio: An American Heartland; and India: Cultural Patterns and Processes.

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