The Practice of Autonomy: Patients, Doctors, and Medical Decisions

Oxford University Press, 1998 - 307 páginas
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This is a book written across the grain of contemporary ethics, where the principle of autonomy has triumphed.It is an attempt to see the law of medicine, the principles of bioethics, and the encounter between doctor and patient from the patient's point of view. While Schneider agrees that
many patients now want to make their own medical decisions, and virtually all want to be treated with dignity and solicitude, he argues that most do not want to assume the full burden of decision-making that some bioethicists and lawyers have thrust upon them. What patients want, according to
Schneider, is more ambiguous, complicated, and ambivalent than being empowered. In this book he tries to chart that ambiguity, to take the autonomy paradigm past current pieties into the uncertain realities of modern medicine.

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The Autonomy Paradigm
The Paradigm in Excelsis
The Paradigm in Crisis
Can Abjuring Autonomy Make Sense?
Of Information Control
for Mandatory Autonomy
Autonomy in New Times
Depersonalization of Medicine
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Carl E. Schneider is at University of Michigan.

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