Reports of Cases Determined in the Supreme Court of the Philippines from ..., Volume 18

Bureau of Printing, 1911
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Página 677 - In all criminal prosecutions for libels, the truth may be given in evidence to the jury; and if it shall appear to the jury that the matter charged as libelous is true, and was published with good motives and for justifiable ends, the party shall be acquitted; and the jury shall have the right to determine the law and the fact.
Página 132 - Every statute is presumed to be constitutional. The courts ought not to declare one to be unconstitutional, unless it is clearly so. If there is doubt, the expressed will of the legislature should be sustained. The Constitution contains no definition of the word "deprive," as used in the Fourteenth Amendment.
Página 133 - ... and public trial, to meet the witnesses face to face, and to have compulsory process to secure the attendance of witnesses in his behalf.
Página 326 - The relief granted to the plaintiff, if there be no answer, cannot exceed that which he shall have demanded in his complaint; but in any other case, the court may grant him any relief consistent with the case made by the complaint and embraced within the issue.
Página 189 - Such decree shall not be opened by reason of the absence, infancy or other disability of any person affected thereby, nor by any proceeding...
Página 153 - An Act to Regulate the Immigration of Aliens into the United States...
Página 718 - It is * * * a general rule, in the interpretation of all statutes levying taxes or duties upon subjects or citizens, not to extend their provisions by implication beyond the clear import of the language used, or to enlarge their operation so as to embrace matters not specifically pointed out, although standing upon a close analogy.
Página 446 - Tissues embroidered by hand or by machine after weaving or with application of trimmings shall be liable to the duties leviable thereon, pins a surtax of 30 per cent.
Página 148 - SEC. 2. That if any person shall fraudulently or knowingly import or bring into the United States, or assist in so doing, any opium or any preparation or derivative thereof contrary to law, or shall receive, conceal, buy, sell, or in any manner facilitate the transportation, concealment, or sale of such opium or preparation or derivative thereof after importation, knowing the same to have been imported contrary to law...
Página 259 - If a case shall arise in which an action for the enforcement or protection of a right, or the redress or prevention of a wrong...

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