Selections Illustrating Economic History Since the Seven Years' War

J. Wilson and son, 1892 - 567 páginas
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Página 1 - The colony of a civilized nation which takes possession either of a waste country, or of one so thinly inhabited that the natives easily give place to the new settlers, advances more rapidly to wealth and greatness than any other human society.
Página 43 - Now you will not assert, gentlemen, said I, that it is more difficult to construct a machine that shall weave than one which shall make all the variety of moves which are required in that complicated game.
Página 384 - Whereas it is necessary for the support of government, for the discharge of the debts of the United States, and the encouragement and protection of manufactures, that duties be laid on goods, wares, and merchandises imported: Be it enacted, etc.
Página 499 - States in the same from the said foreign nation or from any other foreign country, the said suspension to take effect from the time of such notification being given to the President of the United States and to continue so long as the reciprocal exemption of vessels belonging to citizens of the United States and their cargoes, as aforesaid, shall be continued, and no longer...
Página 498 - Vessels built within the United States and belonging wholly to citizens thereof; and vessels which may be captured in war by citizens of the United States and lawfully condemned as prize, or which may be adjudged to be forfeited for a breach of the laws of the United States...
Página 111 - British vessels may not trade freely thereat; and the commanders of His Majesty's ships of war and privateers shall be, and are hereby, instructed to warn every neutral vessel coming from any such port, and destined to another such port, to discontinue her voyage, and not to proceed to any such port; and any vessel, after being so warned, or any vessel coming from any such port, after a reasonable time shall have been afforded for receiving information of...
Página 106 - ... not to seize any neutral vessel which shall be carrying on trade, directly between the colonies of the enemy, and the neutral country to which the vessel belongs...
Página 196 - We cannot persuade ourselves that this law will ever contribute to produce plenty, cheapness, or steadiness of price. So long as it operates at all, its effects must be the opposite of these. Monopoly is the parent of scarcity, of dearness, and of uncertainty. To cut off any of the sources of supply can only tend to lessen its abundance; to close against ourselves the cheapest market for any commodity, must enhance the price at which we purchase it; and to confine the consumer of corn to the produce...
Página 500 - That no ship or vessel which has been recorded or registered as an American vessel, pursuant to law, and which shall have been licensed or otherwise authorized to sail under a foreign flag, and to have the protection of any foreign government during the existence of the rebellion, shall be deemed or registered as an American vessel, or shall have the rights and privileges of American vessels, except under the provisions of an act of Congress authorizing such registry.
Página 209 - The Tariff of the United Kingdom presents neither congruity nor unity of purpose ; no general principles seem to have been applied. * * * The Tariff often aims at incompatible ends ; the duties are sometimes meant to be both productive of revenue and for protective objects, which are frequently inconsistent with each other ; hence they sometimes operate to the complete exclusion of foreign produce, and...

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