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Página 513 - Hardin company accepted the contract of shipment therefore made, and purchased the corn to be delivered at Texarkana, — that is, on the completion of the existing contract. When the Hardin company accepted the corn at Texarkana the transportation contracted for ended. The carrier was under no obligations to carry it further.
Página 402 - No railroad corporation shall consolidate its stock, property or franchises with any other railroad corporation owning a parallel or competing line; and in no case shall any consolidation take place except upon public notice given, of at least sixty days, to all stockholders, in such manner as may be provided by law.
Página 191 - ... contract is constitutionally protected from hostile legislation. Where, however, the respective parties are not private persons, dealing with matters and things in which the public has no concern, but are persons or corporations whose ' rights and powers were created for public purposes, by legislative acts, and where the subject-matter of the contract is one which affects the safety and welfare of the public, other principles apply.
Página 513 - In this respect there is no difference between an interstate passenger and an interstate transportation. If Hardin, for instance, had purchased at Hudson a ticket for interstate carriage to Texarkana, intending all the while after he reached Texarkana to go on to Goldthwaite, he would not be entitled on his arrival at Texarkana to a new ticket from Texarkana to Goldthwaite at the proportionate fraction of the rate prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission for carriage from Hudson to Goldthwaite....
Página 508 - To concede this as a right would be to guarantee income, and would raise a correlative duty to account for earnings beyond what were reasonable in the past. No limit could be placed to the period of the inquiry, nor could justice really be done by it to the individual stockholders or consumers actually concerned, for these are constantly changing. A rate established as reasonable, whether by the company or by the commission, is not guaranteed by the commission or the public. Whether it will actually...
Página 191 - Usually, where a contract, not contrary to public policy, has been entered into between parties competent to contract, it is not within the power of either party to withdraw from its terms without the consent of the other ; and the obligation of such a contract is constitutionally protected from hostile legislation.
Página 501 - In effect the grant was of a limited fee, made on an implied condition of reverter in the event that the company ceased to use or retain the land for the purpose for which it was granted.
Página 515 - The mere fact that cars received on interstate movement are reshipped by the consignee, after a brief interval, to another point, does not, of course, establish an essential continuity of movement to the latter point. The reshipment, although immediate, may be an independent intrastate movement.
Página 173 - Act for a violation thereof, the Commission shall make an order directing the carrier to pay to the complainant the sum to which he is entitled on or before a day named.
Página 177 - IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that the complaint herein be and the same hereby is dismissed.

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