Yugoslavia Unraveled: Sovereignty, Self-Determination, Intervention

Raju G. C. Thomas
Lexington Books, 2003 - 386 páginas
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Unlike many of the works on the Yugoslav wars written during and just after the crisis, Yugoslavia Unraveled delves beyond 'who did what to whom' to examine underlying issues regarding the sources of religious nationalism and inter-ethnic conflict, the territorial integrity and sovereignty of states, and the principle of self-determination and the right of secession from an existing state. This volume raises essential questions pertaining to the legality and morality of military intervention by external powers without U.N. sanction, and to nation-building by outside powers in war-devastated territories. The book also explores the nature of media propaganda in times of war. Editor Raju G. C. Thomas and the prominent contributors provide fresh views and alternative explanations for the unraveling of a sovereign independent state following the end of the Cold War and in a world without countervailing power.

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Sovereignty SelfDetermination and Secession Principles and Practice
The Future of Nationalism
Transnational Causes of Genocide or How the West Exacerbates Ethnic Conflict
Religion and War Fault Lines in the Balkan Enigma
Economic Aspects of Yugoslavias Disintegration
International Policy in Southeastern Europe A Diagnosis
Wars Humanitarian Intervention and International Law Perceptions and Reality
The Use of Refugees as Political and Military Weapons in the Kosovo Conflict
Propaganda System One From Diem and Arbenz to Milosevic
Biased Justice Humanrightsism and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
Illegal Wars Collateral Damage and International Criminal Law
Intervention in Ethnic Civil Wars and Exit Strategies Lessons from South Asia
Reflections on the Yugoslav Wars A Peacekeepers Perspective
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Raju G. C. Thomas is the Allis Chalmers Professor of International Affairs at Marquette University. He has served as Visiting Fellow at Harvard University, UCLA, MIT, the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is the author, editor, or co-editor of a dozen books, including The Great Power Triangle and Asian Security (Lexington Books, 1982).

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