Sicily and the Surrender of Italy, Volume 11,Parte 2

Office of the Chief of Military History, Department of the Army, 1965 - 609 páginas
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Operations during the invasion and conquest of Sicily and the military diplomacy that led to Italy's surrender.

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Página 437 - Henry L. Stimson and McGeorge Bundy, On Active Service in Peace and War (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1948); while the strongly anti-Stimson view taken by Richard N.
Página 558 - Chief of the Allied Forces reserves to himself the right to take any measure which in his opinion may be necessary for the protection of the interests of the Allied Forces for the prosecution of the war, and the Italian Government binds itself to take such administrative or other action as the...
Página 560 - The Italian Government will furnish forthwith lists of quantities of all war material showing the location of the same. Subject to such use as the Allied Commander-in-Chief may make of it, the war material will be placed in store under such control as he may direct. The ultimate disposal of war material will be prescribed by the United Nations. 12. There will be no destruction of nor damage to nor except as authorized or directed by the United Nations any removal of war material, wireless, radio...
Página 559 - September 3, 1943, are the terms on which the United States, United Kingdom and Soviet Governments, acting on behalf of the United Nations, are prepared to suspend hostilities against Italy so long as their military operations against Germany and her Allies are not obstructed and Italy does not assist these Powers in any way and complies with the requirements of these Governments.
Página 273 - Our terms to Italy are still the same as our terms to Germany and Japan — "unconditional surrender". We will have no truck with Fascism in any way, shape, or manner. We will permit no vestige of Fascism to remain.
Página 559 - Italy and the United Nations on certain terms of a military nature; And whereas in addition to those terms it was also provided in the said Armistice that the Italian Govern-ment bound themselves to comply with other conditions of a political, economic and financial nature to be transmitted later...
Página 558 - Immediate cessation of all hostile activity by the Italian armed forces. 2. Italy will use its best endeavours to deny, to the Germans, facilities that might be used against the United Nations. 3. All prisoners or internees of the United Nations to be immediately turned over to the Allied Commander-in-Chief, and none of these may now or at any time be evacuated to Germany.
Página 272 - We should let the Italians, to use a homely phrase, stew in their own juice for a bit and hot up the fire to the utmost in order to accelerate the process, until we obtain from their Government, or whoever possesses the necessary authority, all the indispensable requirements we demand for carrying on the war against our prime and capital foe, which is not Italy but Germany. It is...

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