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Página 21 - Any dispute between two or more States Parties concerning the interpretation or application of this Convention which cannot be settled through negotiation shall, at the request of one of them, be submitted to arbitration. If within six months from the date of the request for arbitration the Parties are unable to agree on the organization of the arbitration, any one of those Parties may refer the dispute to the International Court of Justice by request in conformity with the Statute of the Court.
Página 54 - Council shall be to advise the President with respect to the integration of domestic, foreign, and military policies relating to the national security so as to enable the military services and the other departments and agencies of the Government to cooperate more effectively in matters involving the national security.
Página 21 - Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish texts are equally authentic, shall be deposited with the Secretary-General of the United Nations, who shall send certified copies thereof to all States referred to in article 8.
Página 36 - They are determined to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilization of their peoples, founded on the principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law.
Página 21 - Any person in custody pursuant to paragraph 1 of this article shall be assisted in communicating immediately with the nearest appropriate representative of the State of which he is a national, or, if he is a stateless person, with the representative of the State where he usually resides.
Página 21 - Article 11 1 . This Convention shall come into force on the thirtieth day following the date of deposit of the twenty-second instrument of ratification or accession with the Secretary -General of the United Nations.
Página 21 - Nations of the twentieth instrument of ratification or accession. 2. For each State ratifying or acceding to the Convention after the deposit of the twentieth instrument of ratification or accession...
Página 21 - ... as extraditable offences between themselves subject to the conditions provided by the law of the requested State.
Página 50 - Bolivia. Brazil. Chile. Colombia. Costa Rica, Dominican Republic. Ecuador, El Salvador. Guatemala. Guyana. Haiti, Honduras. Jamaica. Mexico, Nicaragua. Panama. Paraguay. Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguavand Venezuela. d It refers to the countries that present this information. e The year 200/ does not include Suriname. 1 Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil. Chile. Colombia, Costa Rica. Cuba, Dominican Republic.
Página 20 - Each State Party shall likewise take such measures as may be necessary to establish its jurisdiction over the offences set forth in article 1 in cases where the alleged offender is present in its territory and it does not extradite him to any of the States mentioned in paragraph 1 of this article.

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