Charter for the City and County of San Francisco: Proposed by the Board of Freeholders, Elected in Pursuance of the Provisions of Section 8, Article XI, of the Constitution of the State of California

Board of Freeholders, 1883 - 204 páginas
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Página 198 - ... for such year, without the assent of two-thirds of the qualified electors thereof voting at an election to be held for that purpose...
Página 202 - Legislature for its approval or rejection as a whole, without power of alteration or amendment. Such approval may be made by concurrent resolution. and if approved by a majority vote of the members elected to each house it shall become the charter of such city...
Página 183 - You do solemnly swear (or affirm), that you will fully and truly answer all such questions as shall be put to you touching your place of residence and qualifications as an elector at this election...
Página 145 - Whenever it shall be certified to the board of health ibid.e§ii. by the superintendent, that any building, or part thereof, is unfit for human habitation, by reason of its being so infected with disease as to be likely to cause sickness among the occupants, or by reason of its want of repair has become dangerous to life, said board may issue an order, and cause the same...
Página 101 - ... and other publications on hand, the number added by purchase, gift or otherwise, during the year, the number lost or missing, the" number and character of those loaned, and such other statistics, information, and suggestions as may be of general interest.
Página 80 - Each member of the police force, under the penalty of ten days' fine, or dismissal from the force, at the discretion of the Board, shall, immediately upon an arrest, convey, in person, the offender before the nearest sitting magistrate, that he may be dealt with according to law. If the arrest is made during the hours that the magistrate does not regularly hold court, or, if the magistrate is not holding court, such offender may be detained, in a...
Página 11 - Every act shall embrace but one subject and matters properly connected therewith ; which subject shall be expressed in the title. But if any subject shall be embraced in an act, which shall not be expressed in the title, such act shall be void only as to so much thereof as shall not be expressed in the title.
Página 200 - ... ratify the same, it shall thereafter be submitted to the Legislature for its approval or rejection as a whole, without power of alteration or amendment...
Página 199 - State, incurring any indebtedness, requiring the assent of the voters as aforesaid, shall, before or at the time of doing so, provide for the collection of an annual tax sufficient to .pay the interest on such indebtedness as it falls due, and also to constitute a sinking fund for the payment of the principal thereof within twentyfive years from the time of contracting the same.
Página 171 - I do solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be,) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the constitution of the State of California ; and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of — , according to the best of my ability.

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