The Rising Temper of the East Sounding the Human Note in the World-wide Cry for Land and Liberty

Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1922 - 217 páginas
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Página 178 - Whereas it is, as it has always been, the purpose of the people of the United States to withdraw their sovereignty over the Philippine Islands and to recognize their independence as soon as a stable government can be established therein...
Página 3 - The toad beneath the harrow knows Exactly where each tooth-point goes ; The butterfly upon the road Preaches contentment to that toad. PAGETT, MP, was a liar, and a fluent liar therewith, — He spoke of the heat of India as the "Asian Solar Myth"; Came on a four months' visit, to "study the East,
Página 73 - ... do not do to others what you would not have them do to you," and was shameless enough to praise Chiang Kai-shek as "a wise leader guiding the War of Resistance.
Página 224 - Until she has education nothing much can be done for her. I know — I was twenty-five before I could sign my own name. . . . And I know what it is to try to help people who can't understand what you are trying to do for them.
Página 3 - Hunt, Frazier. Rising temper of the East: sounding the human note in the world-wide cry for land and liberty.
Página 100 - Shipping speculators paid for a vessel in a single voyage. Mills declared one hundred per cent dividends and gave fat bonuses to directors so as to avoid the income tax, while wages were only grudgingly raised.
Página 38 - One thing is certain — India is not going to stop. We are trying now to win by nonviolence. If that fails the consequences will be too terrible to contemplate. . . . The whole movement may get out of my hands and beyond my power, and turn to awful violence, but even if we face anarchy it will be better than the present emasculated, half-beaten condition of India. The English have deprived us of all manliness, all selfrespect, all self-reliance. They have impoverished us in body, mind, and soul....
Página 247 - ... particularly among the billion black, brown and yellow races of the East. For centuries the imagination of the Great East had been unstirred. There had been no ideals, no dreams. A billion people had been marking time while the stream of civilization had been flowing swiftly in the New World. But now new ideals of nationalism have lit up the imagination and hearts of these peoples. They have been stirred from their great coma.
Página 152 - To the great majority of Australians this new religion of Oriental exclusion at any cost and at any sacrifice is a living breathing thing — just as it was to this train guard in Queensland. It is Australia. She will fight for it and she will die for it. No League of Nations, no Association of Nations — not even the British Empire — can force her to change this religion. It is her very life. On its...
Página 30 - He had eyes that were deep with pity and love, 29 and burning bright with a great purpose. You forgot that he was a frail little man with a funny shaved head and hollow sallow cheeks, with most of his teeth gone, and that he wore coarse homespun clothes, and that his feet were bare. It was his eyes that held you.

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