The Age of Rage: This Is a Mad Mad World

AuthorHouse, 2005 - 428 páginas
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It is my intention that this book be used as a Supplemental History Book for Christian Schools, and Home Schools, as it speaks of a whole century of wars, but it's also including wars during biblical times. In every chapter, I pointed out as to what started the wars and how they could have been prevented. This book will open the eyes of the reader, giving them closer insight as to what happened in the previous century of wars that the United States felt it had to enter into. I am sharing In-depth knowledge of wars, some information I am sure our History Books omitted. It is also important that our youth today know about Biblical Leaders, the wars they caused or fought. This is a mad, mad world. It's full of hatred and deceit. If we're to get our youth back on track as to leading this world (because they are the leaders of tomorrow), they need to be educated regarding historical good/bad leadership, Biblical and current. There is a need for constant reminders of sick leaders like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and the likes of them. So our young minds today won't model after the sick leaders of yesterday.

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