Preliminary Inventory of the Records of the Military Government of Veracruz: (Record Group 141)

National Archives, National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration, 1962 - 51 páginas
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Página 10 - Veracruz and of informational materials assembled to aid in settling the claims are in the records of the Special Claims Commission, United States and Mexico, created under the Claims Convention of September...
Página 5 - ... house-to-house investigation of suspected tax irregularities. The principal function of the Federal Stamp Office was collecting the Federal stamp tax through the sale of stamps. The Office was also invested with authority to affix to the books of all 'commercial houses operating on a capital of more than 2,000 pesos the necessary stamps required by law and to collect from business houses a direct tax "for the right of existing or doing business.
Página 7 - Their jurisdiction covered only criminal cases — specifically, all violations of orders of the Commanding General and "all crimes and misdemeanors as defined by the Criminal Code of the Republic of Mexico, the municipality of the City of Vera Cruz, the statutes of the United States and by the common law.
Página 7 - ... the Republic of Mexico and the State of Veracruz. The records of the Fourth Court of First Instance of the State of Veracruz were found in the offices assigned to the Legal Department, only those for 1912 and 1913 appearing to be complete. These were used to some extent by the Department, for where a case had been settled by a Mexican court and it remained merely to execute the judgment, "the record was searched out and the judgment duly executed.
Página 10 - Veracruz as were in the custody of the Bureau of Insular Affairs were transferred to the National Archives.

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