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Students whose period of continuous non-residence exceeds three years are omitted from the list. The last date given is the probable date of completion.

The first list of this kind was dated January 1, 1904, and was sent to all members, but not regularly bound in the publications. The subsequent lists have appeared in the publications as follows: Second list, 1905, in third series, vol. iv, p. 737; third list, 1906, in third series, vol. vii, no. 3, supplement, p. 43; fourth list, 1907, in third series, vol. viii, no. 2, supplement, p. 42; fifth list, 1908, in the Bulletin for April, 1908, p. 69; sixth list, 1909, in the Bulletin for April, 1909, p. 16; seventh list, 1910, in the Bulletin for March, 1910, p. 12; eighth list, 1911, in the REVIEW for March, 1911, p. 212; ninth list, 1912, in the REVIEW for June, 1912, p. 519; tenth list, 1913, in the REVIEW for June, 1913, p. 527; eleventh list, 1914, in the REVIEW for June, 1914, p. 524; twelfth list, 1915, in the REVIEW for June, 1915, p. 476; thirteenth list, 1916, in the REVIEW for June, 1916, p. 499.

Theory and Its History

HERMANN FRANKLIN ARENS, A.B., Harvard, 1907; A.M., 1913. The limits of state interference. Harvard.

C. E. AYRES, A.B., Brown, 1912; A.M., 1914. A study of certain relations between ethics and economics. 1917. Chicago.

H. E. BARNES, A.B., Syracuse, 1913; A.M., 1914. The contribution of sociology to the history of political theories. 1917. Columbia.

WILBUR PERE CALHOUN, Ph.B., Hiram, 1913; A.M., Michigan, 1914. The concept of surplus in modern theories of distribution. 1918. Michigan.

ZENA CLARK DICKINSON, A.B., Nebraska, 1914. Relations of psychology and economics. Harvard.

EARL VINCENT DYE, A.B., Columbia, 1910. Economic theories of Pelatiah Webster. 1918. Columbia.

ALFRED P. HAAKE, B.A., Wisconsin, 1914; M.A., 1916. Theories of progress 1918. Wisconsin.

JOSEPH BRADLEY HUBBARD, A. B., Wisconsin, 1912; A.M., 1913. History of economic thought during the Middle Ages. Harvard.

HOMER HOYT, A.B., Kansas, 1913; A.M., 1913. The specific productivity theory. 1917. Chicago.

FRANK H. KNIGHT, B.S., Tennessee, 1913; A.M., 1913. Theory of business profits. 1916. Cornell.

S. LEON LEVY, A.B., College of the City of New York, 1908. Life and work of Nassau William Senior. 1918. Columbia.

WILLIAM MELCHER, A.B., Drury, 1911; A.M., 1912. Some aspects of the theory of progress. Harvard.

FREDERICK C. MILLS, A.B., California, 1914; A.M., 1916. Contemporary theories of unemployment and of unemployment relief. 1917. Columbia. JAMES ERNEST MOFFAT, A.B., McMaster, 1914; A.M., Chicago, 1916. A history and criticism of the theory of diminishing returns. 1918. Chicago. MYRON W. WATKINS, A.B., Michigan, 1914. The work of J. B. Say. 1917. Cornell.

HEISKELL BRYAN WHALING, B.A., Texas, 1910; M.A., 1912. Fair value: economic and legal principles. 1917. Wisconsin.

Economic History and Geography

CLEMENT AKERMAN, A.B., Georgia, 1898. Studies in the economic history of the Pacific Northwest. Harvard.

BHIMRAO RAMJI Ambedkar, A.B., Bombay, 1912. Financial history of India. 1918.


JESSE H. BAXTER, B.S., Columbia, 1913; A.M., 1914. Economic changes in the South since the Civil War. 1917. Columbia.

GLEN ROY BEDENKAPP, A.B., Hamilton, 1912. Economic aspects of the campaign of 1860. 1917. Columbia.

ANNIE CATHERINE BAZANSON, A.B., Radcliffe, 1915. The Industrial Revolution in France. 1918. Radcliffe.

R. G. BOOTH, A.B., Illinois Wesleyan, 1914; A.M., Columbia, 1915. Some social aspects of the development of the natural sciences in England in the eighteenth century. 1917. Columbia.

W. SCOTT BOYCE, A.B., Wake Forest, 1903; A.M., Chicago, 1907. The economic and social history of Chowan county, North Carolina, since 1880. 1917. Columbia.

J. B. BOTSFORD, A.B., Columbia, 1915. The social influence of oversea expansion on England in the eighteenth century. 1917. Columbia.

HARRIET BRADLEY, A.B., Vassar, 1913; A.M., Columbia, 1915. English enclosures. 1917. Columbia.

R. S. CASTLEMAN, Ph.B., Chicago, 1914. Early emigration from Spain to America. 1918. Chicago.

FREDERICK CHARLES DIETZ, A.B., Pennsylvania, 1909; A.M., Harvard, 1912. The condition of the peasant in Würtemberg and the peasant revolt of 1525. Harvard.

SAMUEL GLOVER DUNSEATH, A.B., Ursinus, 1910; A.M., Columbia, 1911. An economic interpretation of Hebrew history from the Egyptian bondage to the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. 1917. Columbia.

EDGAR STEVENSON FURNISS, B.A., Coe College, 1911. The social position of the English laborer in the eighteenth century. 1918. Yale.

HOWARD CHARLES GREEN, A.B., College of the City of New York, 1902. The radical movement of the American Revolution. 1917. Columbia.

LELAND JENKS, A.B., Ottawa, 1913; A.M., Kansas, 1914.

Social aspects of

the Revolution of 1688-1689 in England. 1917. Columbia. FRANKLIN JOHNSON, JR., A.B., Chicago, 1895; A.M., Columbia, 1898; LL.B., 1898. The development of statute law concerning the negro. 1917. Columbia.

CHARLES H. HIGGINS, C.E., Princeton, 1903. The economic relations between city-merchants-customers in a public market, as illustrated by the one hundred year old Washington market in the City of New York. 1917. Columbia.

HOWARD C. Kıdd, A.B., Geneva, 1909; A.M., Columbia, 1911. The development of laissez-faire to legislative control in the United States. 1917. Columbia.

A. S. KRAVITZ, Gymnasium, Libau, Russia, certificate; A.B., University of Berne. The peace movement and its relations to the world economy. 1918. Columbia.

MARY J. LANIER, S.B., Chicago, 1909. Geographical influences on the development of New England seaports. 1917. Chicago.

L. A. LAWSON, A.B., Upsala, 1909; A.M., Columbia, 1911. Social conditions in the Principate of Augustus. 1917. Columbia.

M. F. LAWTON, A.B., Columbia, 1904; A.M., 1912. Philanthropy in Rome and Italy under the Early Roman Empire. 1917. Columbia.

MARY V. LIPE, A.B., Barnard, 1907; A.M., Columbia, 1913. The economic status of the women of the southern states since the Civil War. 1917. Columbia.

MAY BAKER MARSH, A.B., Michigan, 1908; A.M., 1910. Folkways in art. Columbia.

BROADUS MITCHELL, B.A., South Carolina, 1913. The rise of cotton mills in the South. 1918. Johns Hopkins.

J. W. MORGAN, B.A., Richmond, 1899; Crozer Theological Seminary, 1914. Social characteristics of a Virginia foothill township. Wisconsin.

CLARENCE HUNTER NORTHCOTT, A.B., Sydney, 1905; A.M., 1916. Ideals of democratic efficiency in Australia. 1918. Columbia.

C. H. PANNKOKE, A.B., Concordia, 1905. The interrelation of the reformation and the social movement in Saxony. 1917. Columbia.

J. H. Park, A.B., Columbia, 1912; A.M., 1913. The English reform bills of 1866-67. 1917. Columbia.

NORMAN S. PARKER, A.B., Chicago, 1911; A.M., Harvard, 1912. Trade routes in southern France in the Middle Ages. 1917. Chicago.

GEORGE HERBERT ROLLER, A.B., Ph.B., Northwestern College, 1910. The general economic theories underlying the decisions of the Supreme Court. 1918. Columbia.

R. R. RUSSEL, A.B., McPherson, 1914; A.M., Kansas, 1915. Southern feeling before 1861 regarding the industrial and commercial superiority of the North. 1918. Illinois.

W. B. SMITH, A.B., Chicago, 1902. White servitude in South Carolina. 1917. Chicago.

PETER ALEXANDER SPEEK, M.A., Wisconsin, 1911. The single tax and the labor movement (historical sketch, 1881-1886). To be published by the University as a bulletin. Wisconsin.

CHARLES WOOD SUTTON, B.S., University of Washington. The development policy of Latin America; its economic, political, and social effects and its influence upon international relations. 1917. Columbia.

EN SAI TAI, A.B., St. John's College (Shanghai), 1913; A.M., Columbia, 1915. The international law of Confucius. 1917. Columbia.

J. FRANKLIN THOMAS, A.B., Beloit, 1904. Theories concerning the influence of physical environment upon society. 1918. Columbia.

W. A. TILLEY, A.B., McMaster, 1910; Th.B., 1912; A.M., Chicago, 1915. Attitude of eastern churchmen of the fourth century toward property and property rights. 1918. Chicago.

F. J. TSCHAN, A.B., Loyola, 1901; A.M., 1913. The Virginia plantation. 1917. Chicago.

L. E. YOUNG, S.B., Utah, 1895. The social and economic development of Utah under the leadership of Brigham Young. 1917. Columbia.

The price,

Agriculture, Mining, Forestry, and Fisheries EDWARD D. BAKER, A.B., Chicago, 1903; A.M., Columbia, 1913. production, and sale of hard winter wheat in the United States. Chicago.


JOHN DONALD BLACK, B.A., Wisconsin, 1909; M.A., 1910. Land tenure in
America. 1917. Wisconsin.

MERTON KIRK CAMERON, A.B., Princeton, 1908; A.M., Harvard, 1914. History
of the tobacco growing industry in the United States. Harvard.
WILLIAM WILSON CUMBERLAND, A.B., Occidental, 1912; A.M., Columbia, 1913.
Coöperation in the California citrus industry. 1917. Princeton.

HARRY ERNST ERDMAN, B.S., South Dakota State College, 1912. Coöperative and municipal marketing of whole milk in the United States and abroad. 1917. Wisconsin.

WILBER JOHN FRASER, A.B., Illinois, 1893; S.M., 1902. Farm incomes in the dairy regions about the Elgin district in Illinois. Harvard.

LEIGHTON GEORGE FOSTER, B.A., Lawrence, 1912; M.A., Wisconsin, 1916. Methods of marketing Wisconsin livestock. 1918. Wisconsin.

WILLIAM E. GARNETT, B.A., Cornell, 1913; M.A., Peabody, 1916. Rural social survey of Albemarle county, Virginia. Wisconsin.

H. B. HALL, S.M., Massachusetts Agricultural, 1912. The history of American agriculture from 1890 to 1910. Harvard.

ASHER HOBSON, B.A., Kansas, 1914; M.A., Wisconsin, 1915. The direct marketing of farm products. Wisconsin.

CLARENCE L. HOLMES, B.A., Michigan. History of land tenure in South Dakota. 1917. Wisconsin.

GEORGE H. NEWLOVE, Ph.B., Hamline, 1914; A.M., Minnesota, 1915. Economic history of agriculture in Illinois. 1918. Illinois.

HUGH BRUCE PRICE, B.A., Wisconsin, 1914; M.A., Minnesota, 1916. The inspection and grading of grain. 1918. Yale.

FREDERIC EARNEST RICHTER, A.B., Harvard, 1913. The copper industry. Harvard.

O. C. STINE, Ph.B., Ohio, 1908. Economic history of corn products in the United States. Wisconsin.

RALEIGH W. STONE, M.S., Valparaiso, 1914. The rural survey. 1917. Chicago. THOMAS JACKSON WOOFTER, Jr., A.B., Georgia, 1912. Negro farm life in Georgia. 1918. Columbia.

HOLBROOK WORKING, A.B., Denver, 1915. A study of the economic effects of government aid to agriculture. 1919. Cornell.

Manufacturing Industries

HARRY ALONZO BRANDT, B.A., Pomona, 1914. The hide and leather trade. 1919.


ALZADA COMSTOCK, A.B., Mt. Holyoke, 1910; A.M., Columbia, 1913. The newspaper publishing business. 1918. Columbia.

MARGARET CHASE GOING, B.A., McGill (Montreal), 1912; M.A., 1913. The furniture industry. 1917. Chicago.

ALEXANDER C. GOURVITCH, Bachelier ès Lettres, University of Paris, 1910; Diplômé d'Etude Supérieur, 1911; Licencié ès Lettres. Some aspects of the clothing industry. 1918. Columbia.

HOMER E. GREGORY, A.B., Washington State College, 1914. The aluminum industry. 1917. Chicago.

ERNEST HERMAN HAHNE, A.B., Nebraska, 1911; LL.B., 1913; A.M., Harvard, 1914. The history of the meat packing industry in the United States. Harvard.

HENRY FULLER HOLTZCLAW, B.A., Arkansas, 1913. The lumber industry in the United States. 1917. Johns Hopkins.

ROBERT ELWOOD MOORE, A.B., Wesleyan, 1915; A.M., 1916. An investigation of the relation of iron prices to business conditions. 1919. Columbia.

Transportation and Communication

BASCOM W. BARNARD, A.B., Trinity (N. C.), 1915; A.M., 1916. Government improvement of rivers and harbors. Princeton.

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