Charter of the City and County of San Francisco... Ratified... 1898.. in Full Force and Effect, January 8, 1900: With Amendments Adopted... [to] November 5, 1918, in Effect January 17, 1919...

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Página 163 - President at the time of the appointment, one at the end of one year, one at the end of two years, one at the end of three years, one at the end of four years, and one at the end of five years...
Página 88 - Superintendent of Streets. When so recorded the several amounts assessed shall be a lien upon the lands, lots, or portions of lots assessed, respectively, for the period of two years from the date of said recording, unless sooner discharged...
Página 8 - The signatures to the petition need not all be appended to one paper, but each signer shall add to his signature his place of residence, giving the street and number.
Página 186 - It is hereby declared to be the purpose and intention of the people of the city and county that its public utilities shall be gradually acquired and ultimately owned by the city and county.
Página 64 - All proceedings and actions before a justice's or police court, or a municipal court, for a public offense of which such courts have jurisdiction, must be commenced by complaint under oath, setting forth the offense charged, with such particulars of time, place, person, and property as to enable the defendant to understand distinctly the character of the offense complained of, and to answer the complaint.
Página 87 - State of California, by virtue of the authority vested in me as said Superintendent of Streets, do authorize and empower (name of contractor) (his or their) agents or assigns, to demand and receive the several assessments upon the assessment and diagram hereto attached, and this shall be (his or their) warrant for the same.
Página 21 - The notice must state a day on or after which the sale will be made, and a place where offers or bids will be received. The day last referred to must be at least fifteen days from the first publication of notice; and the sale must not be made before that day, but must be made within six months thereafter.
Página 196 - Such examinations shall be practical in their character, and shall relate to those matters which will fairly test the relative capacity of the persons examined to discharge the duties of the positions to which they seek to be appointed, and shall include tests of physical qualifications and health, and, when appropriate, of manual skill.
Página 197 - ... and such persons shall take rank upon the register as candidates in the order of their relative excellence as determined by examination, without reference to priority of time of examination.
Página 5 - No law shall be passed except by bill, and no bill shall be so altered or amended on its passage through either house as to change its original purpose.

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