Presidential Authority to Respond to Unfair Trade Practices: Hearing Before the Committee on Finance, United States Senate, Ninety-ninth Congress, Second Session, July 22, 1986, Title II of S. 1860 and S.1862

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1986 - 206 páginas
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Página 17 - Transactions: and (F) protection of internationally recognized worker rights, including the right of association, the right to organize and bargain collectively, a prohibition on the use of any form of forced or compulsory labor, a minimum age for the employment of children, and acceptable conditions of work with respect to minimum wages, hours of work, and occupational safety and health...
Página 176 - Chamber's members are small business firms with fewer than 100 employees, 57 percent with fewer than 10 employees. Yet, virtually all of the nation's largest companies are also active members. We are particularly cognizant of the problems of smaller businesses, as well as issues facing the business community at large. Besides representing a cross section of the American business community in terms of number of employees, the Chamber represents a wide management spectrum by type of business and location....
Página 176 - American Chambers of Commerce abroad, an increasing number of members are engaged in the export and import of both goods and services and have ongoing investment activities. The Chamber favors strengthened international competitiveness and opposes artificial US and foreign barriers to international business. Positions on national issues are developed by a cross-section of Chamber members serving on committees, subcommittees, and task forces. Currently, some 1,800 business people participate in this...
Página 167 - export targeting' means any government plan or scheme consisting of a combination of coordinated actions (whether carried out severally or jointly) that are bestowed on a specific enterprise, industry, or group thereof, the effect of which is to assist the enterprise, industry, or group to become more competitive in the export of a class or kind of merchandise.
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Página 24 - He's true to God who's true to man ; wherever wrong is done To the humblest and the weakest, 'neath the all-beholding sun, That wrong is also done to us ; and they are slaves most base, Whose love of right is for themselves, and not for all their race.
Página 21 - I must say, those countries which are flooding world markets with goods made by children, or by workers who can't form free trade unions or bargain collectively, or who are denied even the most minimum standards of safety and health...
Página 3 - Billions of dollars in market opportunities for US firms here and abroad are lost each year because of the unfair trading practices of our competitor nations. These practices thwart our most competitive companies whether they are in high technology, communications or services.

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