Annual Reports of the President and Treasurer of Harvard College

Harvard University, 1904
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Página 93 - The programme of study for the degree of Master of Arts must form a consistent plan of work pursued with some definite aim, whether it lies wholly in a single department or field of study, or in more than one. This work may be done either in, or in connection with, the regular courses of instruction, or independently of them.
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Página 21 - Bullard, $500 each, their second gifts of the same amount to be used under the direction of the Shattuck Professor of Pathological Anatomy, with the approval of the President and Fellows, for the purpose of advancing the knowledge of the pathology of the nervous system.
Página 10 - Wales, his bequest of $40,000, the income thereof to be used " for the support of a Professor of the Sanskrit Language, and in the purchase of Books or Manuscripts in that department." For the establishment of a Fund in memory of the late Edwin L. Godkin, the income thereof to be used in providing for the delivery and publication of lectures upon " The Essentials of Free Government and the Duties of the Citizen...
Página 15 - Again the honors belong to the public schools. These facts are limited to the year under review, and are baaed on observation of only about seven hundred persons. So far as they go, however, they lend no countenance whatever to the allegation that the public schools turn out a less vigorous and conscientious class of young men than the other schools. On the contrary, so far as they go, they tend to prove that the product of the public school has more character and power of work than the product of...
Página 11 - The sum to constitute a permanent fund for said library, to be called the ROBERT CHARLES BILLINGS FUND, the income only to be used for the purposes of the purchase of books for said library.

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