The Construction of Hoover Dam: Preliminary Investigations, Design of Dam, and Progress of Construction

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1933 - 120 páginas
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Página 77 - District, which may require or involve the employment of laborers or mechanics shall contain a provision that no laborer or mechanic doing any part of the work contemplated by the contract in the employ of the contractor or any subcontractor contracting for any part of said work contemplated shall be required or permitted to work more than eight hours in any one calendar day...
Página 75 - If such changes cause an increase or decrease in the amount due under this contract, or in the time required for its performance, an equitable adjustment shall be made and the contract shall be modified in writing accordingly.
Página 76 - ... specifications, the attention of the contracting officer shall be called immediately to such conditions before they are disturbed. The contracting officer shall thereupon promptly investigate the conditions and if he finds that they materially differ from those shown on the drawings or indicated in the specifications, he shall at once, with the written approval of the head of the department or his representative...
Página 77 - That the right of the contractor to proceed shall not be terminated or the contractor charged with liquidated damages because of any delays in the completion, of the work due to unforeseeable causes beyond the control and without the fault or negligence of the contractor...
Página 80 - By" under the name of the principal. A contract executed by an attorney or agent on behalf of the contractor shall be accompanied by two authenticated copies of his power of attorney, or other evidence of his authority to act on behalf of the contractor. 10. If the contractor is a corporation, one of the certificates following the signatures of the parties must be executed. If the contract is signed by the secretary of the corporation, then the first certificate must be executed by some other officer...
Página 21 - That all persons who hav.e served in the United States Army, Navy, or Marine Corps during the war with Germany, the war with Spain, or in the suppression of the insurrection...
Página 76 - When required by the specifications, or when called for by the contracting officer, the contractor shall furnish the contracting officer for approval full information concerning the materials or articles which he contemplates incorporating in the work. Samples of materials shall be submitted for approval when so directed.
Página 77 - ... brokerage, or contingent fee, excepting bona fide employees or bona fide established commercial or selling agencies maintained by the Contractor for the purpose of securing business. For...
Página 8 - The contractor shall hold and save the Government, its officers, agents, servants and employees, harmless from liability of any nature or kind, including costs and expenses, for or on account of any patented or unpatented invention, article, or appliance manufactured or used in the performance of this contract, including their use by the Government.
Página 78 - Furthermore, on completion and acceptance of each separate building, public work, or other division of the contract, on which the price is stated separately in the contract, payment may be made therefor without retention of a percentage.

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