The Blight of Respectability: An Anatomy of the Disease and a Theory of Curative Treatment

University Press, 1897 - 129 páginas
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Página 8 - ... by dint of not following their own nature, they have no nature to follow: their human capacities are withered and starved: they become incapable of any strong wishes or native pleasures, and are generally without either opinions or feelings of home growth, or properly their own.
Página 116 - The superior worth of simplicity of life, the enervating and demoralizing effect of the trammels and hypocrisies of artificial society, are ideas which have never been entirely absent from cultivated minds since Rousseau wrote; and they will in time produce their due effect, though at present needing to be asserted as much as ever, and to be asserted by deeds, for words, on this subject, have nearly exhausted their power.
Página 99 - I can bear it no longer — this diabolical invention of gentility which kills natural kindliness and honest friendship. Proper pride, indeed! Rank and precedence, forsooth! The table of ranks and degrees is a lie, and should be flung into the fire. Organize rank and precedence! that was well for the masters of ceremonies of former ages. Come forward, some great marshal, and organize Equality in society, and your rod shall swallow up all the juggling old court gold-sticks.
Página 3 - He who lets the world, or his own portion of it, choose his plan of life for him, has no need of any other faculty than the ape-like one of imitation.
Página 92 - ... and high life — has for some years been growing at once more expensive and less remunerative ; more difficult and more dull; it exacts much and repays little; its attractions are few, while its trouble and its gene are great. All this time, while the monde has been deteriorating, the demi-monde has been improving ; as the one has grown stupider and costlier, the other has grown more attractive, more decorous, and more easy. The ladies there are now often as clever and amusing, usually more...
Página 7 - MANY VOICES [shouting] Don't speak about the Baths! We won't listen to that! No more of that! DR. STOCKMANN. I have said I would speak of the great discovery I have made within the last few days...
Página 105 - ... so that we must leave the crowd if we would be happy; for the question of a happy life is not to be decided by vote: nay, so far from it that plurality of voices is still an argument of the wrong; the common people find it easier to believe than to judge; and content themselves with what is usual; never examining whether it be good or no.
Página 64 - Tis an unjust way of compute to magnify a weak Head for some Latin abilities, and to undervalue a solid Judgment, because he knows not the genealogy of Hector.
Página 73 - Firm to this scoundrel Maxim keepeth he, Ne of its Rigour will he bate a Jot. Till it has quench'd his Fire, and banished his Pot.
Página 89 - And that Ashbourne Crescent, with its bright brass knockers, its white-capped maidservant, and spotless oilcloths, will in the dim future pass away before some great tide of revolution that is now gathering strength far away, deep down and out of sight in the heart of the nation, is probable enough; but it is certainly now, in all its cheapness and vulgarity, more than anything else representative, though the length and breadth of the land be searched, of the genius of Empire that has been glorious...

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