Antiquated spots round Cheltenham

Simpkin, Marshall, and Company, 1851 - 145 páginas
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Página 20 - Last noon beheld them full of lusty life, Last eve in Beauty's circle proudly gay, The midnight brought the signal sound of strife, The morn the marshalling in arms, — the day Battle's magnificently stern array...
Página 63 - God, my mind was fully bent, the other time I was at liberty, to marry you before any man I know. Howbeit God withstood my will therein most vehemently for a time, and through his grace and goodness made that possible which seemed to me most impossible ; that was, made me renounce utterly mine own will, and to follow his will most willingly. It were long to write all the process of this matter ; if I live, I shall declare it to you myself. I can say nothing, but as my lady of Suffolk saith,
Página 7 - His best companions, innocence and health, And his best riches ignorance of wealth. But times are altered; trade's unfeeling train Usurp the land, and dispossess the swain: Along the lawn, where scattered hamlets rose, Unwieldy wealth and cumbrous pomp repose; And every want to luxury allied, And every pang that folly pays to pride.
Página 91 - The scenes where ancient bards th' inspiring breath, Ecstatic, felt; and, from this world retir'd, Convers'd with angels, and immortal forms, On gracious errands bent: to save the fall Of virtue struggling on the brink of vice...
Página 14 - Of household smoke, your eye excursive roams: Wide-stretching from the Hall, in whose kind haunt The hospitable Genius lingers still, To where the broken landscape, by degrees, Ascending, roughens into rigid hills; O'er which the Cambrian mountains, like far clouds That skirt the blue horizon, dusky rise.
Página 38 - THERE is a tear for all that die, A mourner o'er the humblest grave ; But nations swell the funeral cry, And Triumph weeps above the brave. For them is Sorrow's purest sigh O'er Ocean's heaving bosom sent : In vain their bones unburied lie, All earth becomes their monument ! A tomb is theirs on every page, An epitaph on every tongue : The present hours, the future age, For them bewail, to them belong. For...
Página 49 - Rich, silent, deep, they stand; for not a gale Rolls its light billows o'er the bending plain ; A calm of plenty ! till the ruffled EmPalls from its poise, and gives the breeze to blow. Rent is the fleecy mantle of the sky; The clouds fly different; and the sudden sun By fits effulgent gilds the illumin'd field, And black by fits the shadows sweep along.
Página 141 - I myself1 also was to be enrolled among their number; but I implored some of our leading men, and my intimate friends, that my name should be erased from the list which the queen has in her possession ; and though I could not effect this by my prayers and entreaties, yet I have hitherto, by their assistance, kept my neck out of that halter. When I was lately in London, one of the privy counsellors, and Parker, the archbishop of Canterbury, threatened me with I know not what bishoprick. But I hope...
Página 33 - Those evening bells ! those evening bells ! How many a tale their music tells Of youth, and home, and that sweet time When last I heard their soothing chime. Those joyous hours are passed away ; And many a heart that then was gay, Within the tomb now darkly dwells, And hears no more those evening bells.
Página 79 - Gloucestershire,' raised the curiosity of some ladies, who happened to be at the Castle in May, 1782, to examine the ruined chapel, and observing a large block of alabaster fixed in the north wall of the chapel, they imagined it might be the back of a monument formerly placed there. Led by this hint they opened the ground not far from the wall, and not much more than a foot from the surface they found a...

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