Statistics of Land-grant Colleges and Universities, Edição 17

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1933
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Página 81 - The location and construction of the buildings, the lighting, heating, and ventilation of the rooms, the nature of the lavatories, corridors, closets, water supply, school furniture, apparatus, and methods of cleaning shall be such as to insure hygienic conditions for both pupils and teachers.
Página 96 - The theory of our governments, State and national, is opposed to the deposit of unlimited power anywhere. The executive, the legislative, and the judicial branches of these governments are all of limited and defined powers.
Página 207 - It shall be the duty of the general assembly, as soon as circumstances will permit, to provide, by law, for a general system of education, ascending in a regular gradation from township schools to a state university, wherein tuition shall be gratis, and equally open to all.
Página 84 - A unit represents a year's study in any subject in a secondary school, constituting approximately a quarter of a full year's work.
Página 81 - The efficiency of Instruction, the acquired habits of thought and study, the general intellectual and moral tone of a school are paramount factors, and therefore only schools which rank well in these particulars, as evidenced by rigid thoroughgoing, sympathetic inspection, shall be considered eligible for the list.
Página 27 - Junior colleges may provide courses of instruction designed to prepare for higher institutions of learning; courses of instruction designed to prepare persons for agricultural, industrial, commercial, home-making, and other vocations; and such courses of instruction as may be deemed necessary to provide for the civic and liberal education of the citizens of the community.
Página 46 - The state board of education may establish, in towns best adapted for the purpose, public day and continuation schools, part-time schools and evening schools for instruction in the arts and practices of trades and vocations and may maintain any such school already established.
Página 81 - A unit course of study in a secondary school is defined as a course covering an academic year that shall include, in the aggregate, not less than the equivalent of one hundred...
Página 196 - Staff. 15 cents. 2. The Horizontal Organization of Secondary Education — A Comparison of Comprehensive and Specialized Schools.
Página 27 - The junior college board shall adopt regulations governing the organization of such courses of study and shall prescribe requirements for graduation from such junior college courses; provided, that the minimum requirements for graduation from such junior college courses of study shall be at least 60 credit hours of work . . . The State superintendent of public instruction shall prepare and publish from time to time standards and other regulations for the accreditment of such junior colleges, provide...

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