The Practical Book of Architecture

J.B. Lippincott, 1916 - 348 páginas

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Página 140 - Fill half the land with Imitating Fools; Who random drawings from your sheets shall take, And of one beauty many blunders make...
Página 257 - The arbitrators shall fix their own compensation, unless otherwise provided by agreement, and shall assess the costs and charges of the arbitration upon either or both parties.
Página 256 - Work, and will endeavor to guard the Owner against defects and deficiencies in the Work of the Contractor. The Architect will not be required to make exhaustive or continuous on-site inspections to check the quality or quantity of the Work.
Página 254 - ... the drafting of forms of proposals and contracts; the issuance of certificates of payment; the keeping of accounts, the general administration of the business and supervision of the Work.
Página 256 - Owner below its market cost or when old materials are re-used, the cost of the work is to be interpreted as the cost of all materials and labor necessary to complete the work...
Página 256 - ... partnership relations. In case of the death or disability of one or more partners, the rights and duties of the Architect, if a firm, shall devolve upon the remaining partner or partners or upon such firm as may be established by him or them, and he, they or it, shall be recognized as the "successor...
Página 257 - ARBITRATION. — All questions in dispute under this agreement shall be submitted to arbitration at the choice of either party.
Página 257 - Unless otherwise provided by such laws, the parties may agree upon one arbitrator ; otherwise there shall be three, one named, in writing, by each party to this contract, to the other party and...
Página 257 - Should the party demanding arbitration fail to name an arbitrator within ten days of his demand, his right to arbitration shall lapse. Should the other party fail to choose an arbitrator within said ten days, then such presiding officer shall appoint such arbitrator.
Página 256 - Ownership of Documents. — Drawings and specifications as instruments of service are the property of the Architect whether the work for which they are made be executed or not.

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