Studies in the Social Sciences, Edições 13-14

The University, 1918
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Página 12 - Concerning the birth of this king the legends say, "Heaven and earth were in travail, And the crimson waters were in travail, And in the water, the crimson reed Was also in travail. From the mouth of the reed issued smoke, From the mouth of the reed issued flame, And out of the .flame sprang the young child, His hair was of fire, a beard had he of flame. And his eyes were suns."1i
Página 9 - Is that unless they are very ill and destructive, books are treated as carefully by the Insane as by the users of the public libraries. Last year, out of 8,686 volumes taken out by patients and nurses, only 9 were lost or destroyed, and of these only two were charged to patients. It is the proud boast of one of our head nurses who has under him the next to the most violent and destructive ward on the men's side, that he has had out for his patients over 450 volumes in the last two years, and has...
Página 16 - It is that a defective child does not resemble in any way a normal one whose development has been retarded or arrested. He is inferior, not in degree, but in kind.
Página 49 - Some time ago the attention of Congress was called to the necessity of providing teachers for the prison schools, but Congress did not accede to the request, and we have at present no school teachers in the prison, other than the chaplain, and now and then a guard who is more or less accomplished in teaching.
Página 56 - ORFIELD, Federal Land Grants to the States, with Special Reference to Minnesota.
Página 17 - ... (3, p. 20). Binet further maintains that an unequal and imperfect development is the specific characteristic of the defective, that so far as certain faculties are concerned, he remains at the level of a younger child but in respect to others he is on a level with normal children of his own age. Measuring learning and the capacity to learn by means of psychological tests Norsworthy notes the resemblances between the defective and the normal child of the same mental level and points out that unevenness...
Página 39 - But upon that Montayne, to gon up, this Monk had gret desir ; and so upon a day, he wente up : and whan he was upward the 3 part of the Montayne, he was so wery, that he myghte no ferthere, and so he rested him, and felle o slepe; and whan he awook, he fonde him self liggynge at the foot of the Montayne.
Página 20 - ... there. . . . We have been exceedingly impressed by what we have learned concerning the paucity of mental interests of individuals who start criminalistic careers. . . . These unfortunate individuals are generally unaccustomed to playing games that have interesting mental content, they rarely are found to read the type of books which lead them into constructive activi1 Healy, Wm., op. cit., pp. 284, 297. ties. They have, almost universally, very slight knowledge of the modern scientific interests,...
Página 10 - ... patients over 450 volumes In the last two years, and has not lost or had mutilated one single book! The fourth and most important lesson we have learned is that the value of a well-selected library can hardly be overestimated as a therapeutic agent. I do not mean by this that a cure can be effected simply by reading the right books; that of course is absurd. But It is a fact recognized by all psychiatrists and at the basis of the treatment of the insane in all hospitals to-day, that whatever...
Página 10 - ... wholesome channels, contributes to his recovery. And when amusement pall, handicrafts tire and golf and tennis are too strenuous, books and pictures will almost always help. It is for this reason that we have to be so careful of the kind of reading, especially of fiction, which we put into the hands of our patients. They must be wholesome stories; anything dealing with suicide or insanity Is strictly tabu; also stories which are morbid or would be apt to arouse a morbid train of thought. With...

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