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enclosed postage for return) to Mr. J. G. Thorp, Jr., 89 State street, Boston, Mass.

Another excellent résumé of the facts on the Norwegian system is to be found in a pamphlet by Dr. Gould, giving in a more popular form and with additional facts the substance of his report to the United States Department of Labor. This also may be had from Mr. Thorp on payment of twenty-five cents.

The School of Applied Ethics will hold its fourth summer session at Plymouth, Mass., commencing on July 8, 1895, and continuing for five weeks. There are to be four departments-Economics, Ethics, Education and History of Religions.

In the Department of Economics the subjects to be treated are: "The Relation of the State to Industry," "State Legislation," "Taxation," and "The Importance of Official Investigation in the Solution of Industrial Affairs." Among those to lecture in this department are Professor H. C. Adams, of Michigan University; Professor J. W. Jenks, Cornell University; Professor J. B. Clark, Amherst College; Dr. E. R. L. Gould, Johns Hopkins University; Professor Arthur H. Hadley, Yale University, and Carroll D. Wright, Commissioner of Labor.

In the Department of Ethics Professor Felix Adler will give six lectures on the following subjects: (1) "The Ethics of Industrial Conflict" (Boycotts, Strikes, etc.). (2) "The Ethics of Industrial Peace" (Mediation, Arbitration, etc.). (3) "The Effect of Modern Industrial Development on the Family." (4) "Socialism and the Family." (5) "The Future Development of Trades Unionism." (6) "Spiritual Regeneration as a Means of Promoting Industrial Progress." Professor Woodrow Wilson, Princeton University, will give two lectures on "The Referendum in Europe and the United States," and Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes may possibly give three lectures on "The Effect of Modern Economic Development on the Interpretation of the Law."

A complete program which will soon be ready can be obtained from the secretary of the school, Mr. S. Burns Weston, 1305 Arch street, Philadelphia.


Sociological Theory:

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No. 4.

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By the Countess

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