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Página 34 - ... made by or between two or more persons or corporations either of whom, as agent or principal, is engaged in importing any article from any foreign country into the United States, and when such combination, conspiracy, trust, agreement, or contract...
Página 108 - ... major growth. A number of -less important differentials were also found to exist, of which origin of the population and tenancy rates were the most significant. In the realm of social conditions, the two towns showed great divergence. In a series of measures of community character one community was found to meet the standards normally accepted for community life in America far better than the other. The differences were considerable in degree and consistent in direction, so that a causal explanation...
Página 34 - States, and when such combination, conspiracy, trust, agreement, or contract is intended to operate in restraint of lawful trade, or free competition in lawful trade or commerce, or to increase the market price in any part of the United States of any article or articles imported or intended to be imported into the United States, or of any manufacture into which such imported article enters or is intended to enter.

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