Hearings, Volume 3

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Página 112 - Policies, Standards, and Procedures in the Formulation, Evaluation, and Review of Plans for use and Development of Water and Related Land Resources," approved by the President on May 15, 1962.
Página 815 - ... cover all costs in connection with the purchase of electric power and energy and rentals for the use of facilities for the transmission and distribution of electric power and energy to public bodies, cooperatives, and privately owned companies...
Página 101 - Rate schedules shall be drawn having regard to the recovery (upon the basis of the application of such rate schedules to the capacity of the electric facilities of the projects) of the cost of producing and transmitting such electric energy, including the amortization of the capital investment allocated to power over a reasonable period of years.
Página 797 - Mr. BILLINGTON. Mr. Chairman and members of the committee. I am Ken Billington, executive secretary of the Washington Public Utility Districts' Association of Seattle, Wash.
Página 729 - Including answering inquiries, explaining technical and legal requirements to potential applicants and similar activities. These activities must be performed prior to the granting of a loan and therefore require an Independent source of financing. Upon execution of a contract for a loan under this program, all costs incurred...
Página 777 - If I can be of further assistance to you in this matter, please do not hesitate to let me know.
Página 115 - Government under contractual arrangements for ( 1 ) delivery of power over non-Federal systems to load centers of preferred agencies for the account of the Government; and (2) purchase by the Government of energy to firm up federally generated power to the load factor required by...
Página 390 - I have just received from Gov. Albert D. Rosellini, of Washington, a statement recommending appropriation of $1,700,000 more than the budget request for the Columbia Basin project. The statement will be printed in the record. (The statement referred to follows:) STATEMENT OF Gov.
Página 476 - ... are operated and maintained by the Bureau until they are transferred to irrigation districts. Completed transmission and power facilities of the project are operated and maintained by the Bureau with Federal funds.
Página 184 - ... construction contract earnings and associated costs on work underway at the end of the current fiscal year.

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