Awards ... Third Division, National Railroad Adjustment Board, Volume 91

U.S. Government Printing Office
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Página 840 - Congress, to employ such clerical and other assistants, to require by subpena or otherwise the attendance of such witnesses and the production of such books, papers, and documents, to administer such oaths, to take such testimony, and to make such expenditures, as it deems advisable.
Página 354 - Work performed on Sundays and the following legal holidays — namely. New Year's Day, Washington's Birthday, Decoration Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas (provided when any of the above holidays fall on Sunday, the day observed by the State, Nation, or by proclamation shall be considered the holiday), shall be paid at the rate of time and one-half...
Página 677 - ... (h) The said Adjustment Board shall be composed of four divisions, whose proceedings shall be independent of one another, and the said divisions as well as the number of their members shall be as follows: " First division : To have jurisdiction over disputes involving...
Página 677 - Fourth division : To have jurisdiction over disputes involving employees of carriers directly or indirectly engaged in transportation of passengers or property by water, and all other employees of carriers over which jurisdiction is not given to the first, second, and third divisions.
Página 316 - Promotion, Assignments and Displacements. "Employes covered by these rules shall be in line for promotion. Promotion, assignments and displacements under these rules shall be based on seniority, fitness and ability; fitness and ability being sufficient, seniority shall prevail. "NOTE: The word 'sufficient...
Página 840 - The joint committee, or any duly authorized subcommittee thereof, is authorized to hold such hearings...
Página 169 - Provided, That no operator, train dispatcher, or other employee who by the use of the telegraph or telephone dispatches, reports, transmits, receives, or delivers orders pertaining to or affecting train movements shall be required or permitted to be or remain on duty for a longer period than nine hours in any twenty-four hour period in all towers, offices, places, and stations continuously operated night and day...
Página 677 - ... employees of carriers; that is. engineers, firemen, hostlers, and outside hostler helpers, conductors, trainmen, and yard-service employees. This division shall consist of ten members, five of whom shall be selected and designated by the carriers and five of whom shall be selected and designated by the national labor organizations of the employees.
Página 662 - ... within ten days after the receipt of notice of a desire on the part of either party to confer in respect to such dispute, to specify a time and place at which such conference shall be held...
Página 531 - ... for the benefit of the public, as well as for the benefit of the grantee, may be effectually held ; and that the public may have the benefit which it was originally intended they should derive from it.

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