Report, Edição 72

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1934
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Página 14 - ... that Section. On January 4, 1934, copies of the Commission's findings were mailed to importers or consignees. The time for an appeal to the Court of Customs and Patent Appeals for a review of the findings of the Commission has expired without an appeal having been filed. By order of the President dated July 6, 1933, under subdivision (f) of Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930, certain cigar lighters were forbidden entry into the United States, except under bond.
Página 15 - Act of 1930, the collector of customs shall notify each importer concerned to export the prohibited merchandise under customs supervision unless the entry of the merchandise is permitted under license and an appropriate license is presented. In lieu of exportation, the merchandise may be destroyed under customs supervision upon receipt of a written request of the importer. Unless any such prohibited merchandise which has been released under bond is exported or destroyed under customs supervision...
Página 1 - П, of the Tariff Act of 1930, from unfair methods of competition and unfair acts in the importation and sale of certain cigar lighters. Upon the facts submitted to me by the United States Tariff Commission, I have reason to believe that the products above mentioned are offered or sought to be offered for entry Into the United States in violation of said Section 337. I have not, however, at the present...
Página 6 - Tariff Commission recommends that the President direct the Secretary of the Treasury to instruct customs officers to exclude from entry into the United States...
Página 1 - And it may be stated broadly that any conduct, the natural and probable tendency and effect of which Is to deceive the public so as to pass off the goods or business of one person as and for that of another, constitutes actionable unfair competition. The definition is comprehensive enough to reach every possible means of effecting the result.
Página 14 - No. 2,488,507, except where the importation is made under license of the registered owner of said United States Letters Patent. [4] It is not disputed that Linde is the owner of Patent No. 2,488,507, issued November 15, 1949, for "Synthetic Star Rubies and Star Sapphires and Process for Producing Same.
Página 1 - States of foreign merchandise as to which there have been employed unfair methods of competition or unfair acts in the importation or sale, with the effect or tendency to substantially injure an efficiently and economically operated domestic industry.
Página 12 - ... on top of the lighter receptacle and approximately in the center thereof, with a snuffer positioned on one side of the wheel and a finger piece positioned on the other side of the wheel, the finger piece being designed to raise the snuffer and revolve the wheel when pressure is applied downwardly on the finger piece and to cause the automatic closing of the snuffer and extinguishing of the flame when such downward pressure is released, the lighter mechanism having substantially the appearance...

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