Special List, Edições 5-8

U.S. National Archives and Records Service., 1943
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Página 177 - Service (NARS) as part of its records description program. The special list describes in detail the contents of certain important records series; that is, units of records of the same form or that deal with the same subject or activity or that are arranged serially. Its form and style are not fixed but vary according to the nature of the records to which it relates. Its distinguishing characteristic is that it goes beyond the general description contained in a record group registration statement,...
Página v - General of the Dominican Republic and to the State Department of the United States and shall be subject to examination and verification by the appropriate officers of the Dominican and the United States Governments.
Página 177 - Records of World War I have been described in the Handbook of Federal World War Agencies and Their Records, 1917-1921, and those of World War II in the twovolume guide, Federal Records of World War II (1950-51).
Página vi - For instance, special mention may be made of the services performed by one of the clerks in the Insular Bureau detailed in the Santo Domingo work, where the duties assigned him were to go to Monte Cristi, organize the customs service, make a trip along the unknown Haitian frontier, learn the country, establish a customs guard, and enforce the service along this wild frontier. The route was unknown, the country infested with bandits, and food and water were uncertain. With one attendant he made this...
Página v - General of the Dominican Republic, and to the State Department of the United States, and referred for examination and verification to the Bureau of Insular Affairs, which shall have immediate supervision and control of the receivership, pursuant and subject to such directions in regard thereto as shall be received from the President directly or through the Secretary of State.
Página 177 - Several finding aids that give an overall picture of materials in the National Archives have been published. A comprehensive Guide to the Records in the National Archives (1948) and a brief guide, Your Government's Records in the National Archives (revised 1950), have been issued.
Página 177 - To analyze and describe the permanently valuable records of the Federal Government preserved in the National Archives Building is one of the main tasks of the National Archives. Various kinds of finding aids are needed to facilitate the use of these records, and the first step in the records-description program is the compilation of preliminary inventories of the material in the nearly 350 record groups to which the holdings of the National Archives are allocated. These inventories are called "preliminary"...
Página 139 - The policy of the Government of the United States is to seek a solution which may bring about permanent safety and peace to China, preserve Chinese territorial and administrative entity, protect all rights guaranteed to friendly powers by treaty and international law, and safeguard for the world the principle of equal and impartial trade with all parts of the Chinese Empire.
Página 7 - Connecticut land company, and the company incorporated by the name of " the proprietors of the half million acres of land lying south of lake Erie...

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