Introduction to Executive Protection: Second Edition

Taylor & Francis, 17/01/2008 - 480 páginas
Although it is impossible to account and plan for every potential threat, security breach, or scenario that may occur, it is possible to reduce the chance of malevolence claiming the life of your protectee. In the potentially dangerous but highly rewarding profession of close personal protection, critical thinking and a dispassionate evaluation of actions, situations, and events is often the difference between life and death.

Stimulating the reevaluation of traditional strategies and development of independent, adaptable approaches to the unpredictable threat of attack, Introduction to Executive Protection, Second Edition goes a step beyond the basic foundational concepts of the original. Exploring the psychology, philosophy, and professionalism of the modern close personal protection agent, the author uses the real life experiences of veterans in the field to highlight key considerations that will take security and protection into the future.

After defining the parameters and the changing role of the personal protection agent, the author reviews the historical and contextual importance of the need for security. He gives detailed insight into identifying the potentially dangerous subject; securing the protectee's home, office, and vehicle; and recognizing and reacting to an ambush. Specific chapters address new levels of threat including terrorism, kidnapping, and bomb threats.

Providing realistic information on medical emergencies both natural and malicious, the book dedicates several chapters to outlining the character and conduct of the professional protection agent. It gives practical, common sense advice on day-to-day protocols and instructs in the necessary interpersonal skills that are crucial to the job. Each chapter concludes with a summary and review questions. The appendices provide an extensive glossary of terms, as well as checklists for effective preparation, self-assessment, and "after action" analysis.

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